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Studio: Raging Stallion / Monster Bang
Directed by: Tony Dimarco
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Antonio Biaggi
R.J. Danvers
Manuel DeBoxer
Mike Dreyden
Logan McCree
Dominic Pacifico
Ricky Sinz
Xander Solis
Diesel Washington

SCENE 1: Antonio Biaggi dildo-fucks and fucks R.J. Danvers
SCENE 2: Logan McCree fucks the cum out of Mike Dreyden
SCENE 3: Ricky Sinz fucks Manuel DeBoxer
SCENE 4: Antonio Biaggi fucks Xander Solis
SCENE 5: Diesel Washington fucks Dominic Pacifico


Ever wonder what goes on behind closed doors at a major porn studio? In this fantasy-based film we take a look inside what goes on in shipping and receiving at Raging Stallion Studios. Looks like there’s more receiving going on than shipping!
   It’s hard working at a porn company, being surrounded all day by images of hot men; it’s also hard when the men working in the stock room are equally as hot. Antonio Biaggi works up an appetite as he stacks boxes of the latest DVD. However, his is appetite isn’t for food but for his sexy, furry co-worker, RJ Danvers. Antonio passes RJ and grabs his ass, signaling him it’s time to get down to business. RJ wastes no time in fulfilling that job. Antonio pulls out his thick, uncut dick and RJ is on his knees working on the massive task in front of him. RJ slurps on the huge cock with gusto. Antonio is still hungry and he bends RJ over the stockroom workbench and dives into RJ’s furry ass with his tongue. Antonio works RJ’s hole with his tongue and a large dildo until it’s ripe and ready for Antonio’s huge cock. Antonio wastes no time shoving his thick cock into RJ’s eager waiting hole. Antonio pumps RJ in multiple positions trying to satisfy RJ’s insatiable desire to be fucked. RJ dumps his load onto the stockroom workbench as Antonio fucks the cum out of him. Antonio pulls out and cums on RJ’s ass. They may have worked up a sweat but it’s not from lifting boxes.
   Loading in a new shipment of DVDs from a large pallet, sexy, hairy Mike Dreyden can’t help but notice a large graphic of Logan McCree that looms larger than life on the wall. Mike unloads the boxes but the eyes of the hot poster stud seem to just stare back at him. He sits for a moment to admire his tattooed fantasy man and strokes his swelling cock in his pants. Mike gets up to touch the poster and his hand touches live flesh. His hand trails down the heavely tattoed body until it reaches a hard cock. Mike takes the swelling cock into his mouth as his fantasy comes to life. Mike works the hard tattooed cock till it’s wet and slippery with his spit. The poster model-come-to-life Logan picks Mike up by his tank top and throws him on to the stack of boxes so he can chow down on Mike’s hard cock. Logan sucks it furiously then flips Mike over in one fell swoop so he can eat his hole. He sucks Mike’s hole and opens it up so he can slide his thick cock inside. Logan fucks Mike doggie style as he holds on for dear life. Mike then climbs on top and rides Logan’s cock with gusto, impaling himself on the thick shaft. Logan flips him over once again and pounds Mike’s hole until he cums all over his own chest, then Logan cums all over Mike as well. Mike, completely covered with cum, passes out, fulfilled in his fantasy.
   Working the night shift can be a drag unless you’re working with Manuel DeBoxer and Ricky Sinz. Ricky, distracted from filling orders, can’t keep his eyes or hands off his sexy co-worker Manuel. Ricky gropes Manuel’s ass and crotch; Manuel complies by dropping to his knees and giving Ricky a blowjob. He sucks Ricky’s hard cock like any good cock-worker would. He licks and sucks Ricky’s shaft with his hot mouth and pierced tongue.  Ricky wants more than just a blowjob…he wants his tongue in Manuel’s beautiful, hairy ass. He bends Manuel over the workbench and eats out his sweet hole, getting it ready for his rock hard cock. He fucks Manuel hard, grabbing his hips for better thrusting. Ricky fucks him furiously then flips him onto his back so he can pound Manuel’s hole even deeper. Manuel moans in pleasure as Ricky’s cock pulsates in and out of his ass. The pace quickens and Manuel spews a huge load all over his perfectly formed, hairy chest. Ricky pulls out and adds to the load, spewing his cum all over Manuel’s stomach and chest. If your DVD arrives a bit sticky, it may not be from the adhesive tape.
   Xander Solis is working late in the stockroom when his fellow horned-up co-worker, Antonio Biaggi, needs more than an order filled. He gropes Xander from behind, leaving little to the imagination of what he’s after. Xander gives in, as if working all day in a porn stock room looking at hot men isn’t enough inspiration. They kiss momentarily then Xander is on his knees working on another big job, Antonio’s huge uncut cock. Xander’s hungry mouth works Antonio’s love muscle to the base. Antonio reciprocates before eating Xander’s ass and plowing his eager hole. Xander loves to be fucked and we can see that as Antonio fucks him on, up, and over the workbench. Antonio pounds Xander’s hole until he quivers in ecstasy. Xander and Antonio both reach an explosive climax, dumping cum all over Xander’s torso. Somebody’s got to clean up after this mess!
   Working those long, hard hours can be stressful if it weren’t for the little helpers to get you though the day. Dominic Pacifico descends to the basement to check on Diesel Washington and give him a helping hand.  Dominic massages Diesel’s big, broad shoulders, distracting Diesel’s concentration on the job at hand. Diesel spins around and locks lips with the hot young stud. Dominic falls to his knees and takes Diesel’s big, hard cock into his waiting mouth. After a good working over, Diesel can’t wait to get to Dominic’s flesh tool. Diesel lifts Dominic and places him on the table to get better access to his big, uncut dick. Diesel moans as he sucks on Dominic’s engorged member. After some good sucking, Diesel lifts Dominic’s legs so he can gain access to Dominic’s sweet hole. Diesel eats out Dominic’s hole till he’s squirming and practically begging for Diesel’s big cock. Diesel mounts Dominic’s hole and pumps him slowly, Dominic enjoying each thrust. Diesel picks up the pace and rams Dominic’s hole. He kisses Dominic then picks him up in his big strong arms and fucks him while standing. Back on the table, Diesel continues to give Dominic what he came  for. Diesel turns him over and fucks him doggie style. Dominic can’t seem to get enough. Dominic then sits on top of Diesel and rides his thick cock. Dominic’s hard cock flops up and down in syncopation. Dominic jerks his cock until he unloads his man seed. Diesel gets to his feet and unloads his cumload onto Dominic’s chest. Diesel proceeds to lick all of his own cum from Dominic’s chest. With all this going on behind the scenes, it’s no wonder why Raging Stallion puts out the hottest films.


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