Studio: COLT Studio / Olympus
Directed by: Roland Dane
Country of Production: Hungary
Year of Production / Release: 2007

Enrico Belaggio [Enrico Bellagio]
Renato Belaggio [Renato Bellagio]
Alfredo [Alfredo Castaldo]
Win Diezel [Randy Jones]
Fernando Nielsen
Nicolaus [Daniel Nikolaus]
Kane O’Farrell
Orlando Toro
Ted Harrison [Olle Usmev]
Flavio Valentino
Julian Vincenzo

SCENE 1: Julian Vincenzo and Win Diezel [Randy Jones] top Fernando Nielson [Fernando Nielsen]
SCENE 2: Nicolaus [Daniel Nikolaus] (top), Renato Belaggio [Renato Bellagio] (top), Ted Harrison [Olle Usmev] (bottom), Flavio Valentino (top/bottom)
SCENE 3: Fernando Nielson [Fernando Nielsen] and Orlando Toro flip-fuck
SCENE 4: Alfredo [Alfredo Castaldo] (top/bottom), Flavio Valentino (bottom), Enrico Belaggio [Enrico Bellagio] (bottom), Kane O’Farrell (top)
• Kane O’Farrell tops Flavio Valentino
• Enrico Belaggio [Enrico Bellagio] rides Alfredo [Alfredo Castaldo]
• Flavio Valentino rides Alfredo [Alfredo Castaldo] who rides Kane O’Farrell
• Alfredo [Alfredo Castaldo], Flavio Valentino and Kane O’Farrell top Enrico Belaggio [Enrico Bellagio]

Bonus Material includes: Behind the Scenes with mini interview with Fernando Nielsen
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