studio / film series: SX Video


Studio: SX Video
Directed by:
Year of Production / Release: 2011
Country of Production: U.S.A.


Gabriel D’Alessandro
Sebastian Leon
Max Middleman
Christian Rock
J.J. Rossi
Miguel Temon
Kirby Thomas
Angel Valentino

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Brutal Tops featuring some of the latest hardcore action with Sebastian Leon, Max Middleman, Christian Rock, Angel Valentino, Miguel Temon, Gabriel D’Alessandro, Kirby Thomas and JJ Rossi.

Latin hotties Miguel Temon and Gabriel D’Alessandro return with their equally enormous cocks to deliver a man-sized serving of bareback skin-on-skin action. Gabriel wastes no time, ripping Miguel’s shirt off in two pieces and pulling down his shorts to reveal a rock hard cock he forces into Miguel’s satisfied mouth. Normally not on the receiving end, Miguel is shocked when Gabriel then rips off his shorts and is testing how tight his asshole is, barely able to manage one finger. After Gabriel can successfully get a finger in, he feels it’s time for Miguel to move on to his huge cock, which Miguel then sits down on and rides like a champ. After loosening him up a bit, Gabriel really starts bringing the dick, pumping hard and deep into Miguel’s tighter-than-tight ass. Wanting to get his fill, Gabriel then orders Miguel on all fours and drives his dick even deeper in this time, setting and holding an impressive pace of slow and hard thrusts before he finally shoots his load all over Miguel’s balls and ass. Just when you think this scene is over, Miguel, craving to shoot his own load demands the favor is returned and pins Gabriel on the bed in one swift move. He then penetrates Gabriel’s hole and begins to pound away aggressively. Still hard himself, Gabriel is then ordered to ride Miguel’s huge cock, jerking his rod at the same time. Miguel wrestles him onto his back and inserts his cock in again; rapidly fucking away until Gabriel, in an attempt to make the brutal ass penetration stop, shoots another huge load all over his stomach. Miguel in no mood to make a bargain, continues to fuck Gabriel as hard as he can until finally shooting his man juice all over Gabriel, leaving him soaked all over in cum.

Sexed-up newcomer Sebastian Leon is joined by young cutie Max Middleman for an irresistibly erotic adventure. The scene begins with Sebastian walking up to Max and slapping him around while he chokes down all of Sebastian’s tremendous girth. After savagely fucking Max’s mouth, Sebastian then puts Max on all fours and relentlessly shoves all his meat deep into his pink, tight asshole. While still fucking away at his hole, Sebastian begins to pound harder and harder, spitting in Max’s face along the way before turning the young stud on his side and continuing to stab away at his insides. Sebastian then pulls out, spreads Max’s ass wide open and begins to gorge his mouth and insert all five fingers in Max’s stretched out hole. Sebastian flip-flops from Max’s ass and mouth before settling on fucking him in a curled-up fetal position. Unable to hold off any longer, Sebastian shoots his load all over Max’s hole, feeding it deep back inside.

The scene opens with young stud Christian Rock discovering a horned-up Angel Valentino playing with his dick in bed. Angered and fueled for sex, Christian turns his aggression toward Angel’s mouth, cramming his thick, perfect, white meat down Angel’s throat. Christian soon rips Angel’s pants off to discover a butt-plug, stretching out his tight hole, preparing it for a deep-pounding. After fucking Angel’s ass with the butt-plug, Christian then gags him with it and flips him onto his back, slipping his beast of a cock deep into Angel’s hole. Christian proceeds to treat Angel like his little bitch, pounding his face into the bed before ordering him to take a ride on his huge cock, tearing up his insides. After pulling out to force Angel to suck his own ass-juice off his cock, Christian then man-handles him into a doggy position and once again lays into his tight hole with his rod, continuously spitting on his face along the way. Dripping in sweat, after fucking Angel’s hairless ass in every possible position, Christian then pulls out and serves up a huge load, feeding it deep inside of Angel to enjoy. Now finished with Angel, Christian then throws him back onto the bed, watching him cum all over his stomach before forcing him to eat every last drop off his own load off his fingers.

Kirby Thomas walks in to find JJ Rossi lying on the bed, already hard and ready to go. It doesn’t take long for Kirby’s fat cock to find its way into JJ’s mouth, as Kirby slams his dick deep inside his throat. After hungrily sucking cock, JJ is thrown onto his back and thrust into by Kirby, delivering wincing pain as JJ struggles to break free before eventually surrendering his ass for the taking. Kirby then holds JJ’s legs together and delivers a pounding so hard it literally knocks JJ off the chair, as Kirby continues fucking away carelessly, occasionally spitting into JJ’s mouth. JJ can barely contain himself, switching off from riding Kirby’s massive meat to shoving it down his throat, before Kirby restrains him with both hands and plunges his dick back in at full force, positioning JJ’s hole right in front of his thrusting cock. Kirby keeps pace, hammering away at JJ’s ass until he’s ready to shoot not one, but two impressive full loads into JJ’s ass.



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