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Bryan Ockert ChaosMen Raw Sex and Solo Gay Porn Amateurs Owen Owen Michaels

Studio: ChaosMen
Directed by: Bryan Ockert
Year of Production / Release: 2014
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Owen [Owen Michaels]

Release date: March 3, 2014
Video Number: 1378

I don’t know why, but the adjective “tyke” comes to mind when I look at Owen. He has this impish grin, and an ornery boy glimmer to his eyes that tells you he is up to no good. But of course, all in fun with a fantastic smile.
   He has done a solo before, and had to do some things in it that had him mystified. He is a natural exhibitionist, so doing porn is something he has always wanted to do. So I just let him do his thing and he was a joy to watch.
   Owen spends a lot of time in the gym, trying to sculpt his body. I did ask him to grow his pubes out, and I thought we had left enough time, so either he didn’t know what “grow out” meant (a lot of them think whiskers count as “grown out”) or he just doesn’t get that hairy. He sure looks relatively hairless.
   As for the solo, he takes his time showing-off his cock to us. There is not fast paced motion blur in this video, until he is about to cum! He deliberately slow strokes so we can see his fat cock. All the while giving impish looks to the camera. “Come on! You want to suck it!”
   Let’s not forget his amazing ass! It is screaming to be rimmed and played with, but as usual, he wants to start by topping if he is going to do guy-on-guy work. Tops, you might have to wait a bit to see him get fucked, but he didn’t completely knock it off the table.
   There is some toe wiggling in this video for foot fans, and the top down shot of him unloading is awesome!

Bryan Ockert


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