studio / film series: Randy Blue


Studio: Randy Blue
Directed by: Randy Blue
Country of Production: U.S.A.
Year of Production / Release: 2007

Derrek Diamond
James Hawke

On-Line Only Presentation

I’ve been wanting to do some location shooting for quite some time and since the weather has been so beautiful I couldn’t wait to get some of my best models out into the sunshine. James Hawk has such a beautiful golden brown tan so I immediately thought of him. He’s so damn sexy and a lot of fun so I wanted to pair him up with someone he’s never been with but would match his personality well. Derrek Diamond popped into my mind. He always goes the distance and you can tell that when he’s having sex he gives 110 percent and really loves every minute of it. Yes, this would be a perfect match. The day of the shoot they were both ready to go and couldn’t wait to get started. Their chemistry was apparent even before we started and once the cameras were rolling it was like everyone else disappeared and they were the only two there. I love watching two guys kiss, even more than fucking if it’s done right, and this is a perfect example. When they went at it they make such a passionate lip lock that you’d never guess that James is straight! I’m really lucky that I rarely have to give much direction to my models. They know what I like and what my members like so they usually come ready to deliver. James and Derrek practically ran the scene themselves, sucking each other’s dicks like horny guys do, running their hands all over each other’s tight muscular bodies. Derrek loves giving attention to a guy’s nipples and I think James really took a liking to that. And he returned the favor by giving Derrek an ass pounding like there was no tomorrow. I always know that Derrek is having a great time when his eyes roll back into his head and he just moans and moans. How do his neighbors ever get any sleep? The guys always look good in a studio or house setting with a controlled environment but putting them outside in the natural sunlight worked out really well. Their physical beauty really shined and I think they both totally got off on being outside, the warm sun beating down on their smooth, horny bodies. And the idea that someone could come along and see them made it even hotter. And lets talk about cumshots. James holds his own with a nice gusher that ran all down his hands, making a big sticky mess (which is just how it should be), but when it came time for Derrek to shoot I was afraid he would put out a window or something. He must have been saving it because it was amazing to see. And he does this thing where his body shudders, and you know it’s such an intense feeling for him that you just want to grab your own cock and try to get that same feeling.


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