studio / film series: Fisting Central

Studio: Raging Stallion / Fisting Central
Directed by: David Hempling
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Billy Berlin
Antonio Biaggi
Steve Cruz
Mason Garet
Matthieu Paris

YOUR ASS IS MINE! brings together some of our best and most accomplished fisters for some hot & greasy, up-to-the-elbow action. Down in our grungy basement, these guys tear off their jeans and take possession – eating, fucking, and fisting their way into each other’s willing and open holes.
   Antonio Biaggi has had his hands full making his way through our fisting corral. Here, we serve him up our champion, Matthieu Paris. Antonio starts out eating Matthieu’s delicious ass with gusto. Then Antionio serves up his own giant uncut Puerto Rican wonder cock, opening up Matthieu some more. Still not content with what he’s got, Antonio easily slides his hand along side his fat cock and whacks himself into a frenzy inside of Matthieu’s Parisian pucker, pushing Matthieu over the edg .
   Of course, Matthieu wasn’t done showing us what he wanted that day, and with Antonio gone, Matthieu pulled out our biggest toys and gave us a great solo show. He rides toy after giant toy – heck, he even takes the lube bottle!!  He squeezes down on the thing, pouring out thick, syrupy, clear lube onto next long, thick toy. Talk about a tall stack! Matthieu Paris’s breakfast of champions!
   Next up, an extended session: Steve Cruz takes control of Billy Berlin’s alabaster ass. Steve can’t get enough of his own tongue up into BILLYs beautiful pink hole. After some serious butt eating, Billy surprises Steve with the long black dildo Billy hid earlier. Steve takes a hold of the black tail and works Billy to a frenzy. Then Steve greases up and dives into Billy’s waiting chasm, swimming left hand then right, plunging up to his elbows into Billy’s ass crack.


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