studio / film series: Fisting Central

Studio: Raging Stallion / Fisting Central
Directed by: David Hempling
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Antonio Biaggi
Aitor Crash
Steve Cruz
Ian McQueen
Daxx Reed
Colin Steele

A voice demands from the head bowed down below spreading traps and round, muscled shoulders. A fist piggy bottom on all fours, his beautiful, round, muscled butt up high in ready supplication. His juicy, puckered hole twitching open. His ass beckoning. Faced with such a sight, what’s a guy to do but grease up and dive right in! Three hungry bottoms each take center stage in this entry to our award winning Fistpack series.
   Sexy Rican Antonio Biaggi is all set up to do some bench presses but his workout buddy Colin Steele has other ideas. Colin can’t keep his hands off that gigantic snake creeping down Antionio’s singlet leg. And even when Colin gets in position over Antonio to spot him, he can’t resist turning around and feeding his own beautiful muscled ass to Antonio’s eager mouth. The view from down at Antonio’s spread legs, crotch-side, is inspiring to be sure. Antonio reaches up and gobbles Colin’s beautiful ass, which makes Antonio’s own cock-serpent grow impossibly longer and longer. Colin finally frees his own impressive meat from the tight confines of his blue jockstrap and Antonio obliges by dining on Colin’s cock with gusto. Colin is happy to return the service; his eyes bulge wide as Antonio releases his famous pinga in front of Colin’s waiting mouth. Antonio’s giant, heavy balls swing pendulously as he slides his cock in and out of Colin’s straining maw.
   Antonio’s fingers twitch in anticipation – much like Colin’s own hole, which he’s eager to show to Antonio, throwing back his legs to reveal the tempting view. Antonio dives in with his tongue and fingers and finally his greased up cock. Soon, any extremity Antonio has handy is sliding up Colin’s sphincter, spreading him open more and more. The grease flies fast and furious as Antionio gets more and more of his long, meaty hand into Colin’s upturned ass. Colin’s beautiful bearded face shows every wave of pulsing pleasure as Antonio’s paw slides homeward. Soon it is pulsing, pushing, piston action in and out of Colin’s hungry hole. Antonio’s own widening grin and pre-cum dripping cock are testament to the heat of this scene. Having worked Colin’s hole to a frenzy, Antonio flips him over, drives his gigantic cock deep inside Colin’s ass, and rides him for all he is worth. Antonio pulls out his cock and streams of cream spray from his fat cock head.
   Over in the locker room, Daxx Reed readies one of his favorite toys. His eyes gleam as he greases up a long, thick, black, bulbous butt plug. He places it on the bench and positions his hungry, quivering ass ring at the toy’s shiny tip. It takes no effort at all for Daxx to slide down on this anal intruder. Daxx smiles broadly with each stroke as he rides up and down. This hot action doesn’t go unnoticed. Ian Mcqueen saunters in, his own red-hair-pubed poker swelling within the confines of a clear pump tube. Daxx and Ian each put on a show for each other – Daxx bouncing wildly on his toy and Ian pumping his cock meat to an awesome plumper.
   Ian comes round to Daxx’s backside, kneels down, and tongue’s Daxx’s ass ring as it is spread open by the glistening black dildo. When the toy comes out of Daxx’s hole, Ian’s probing tongue takes over, feeding on Daxx’s greasy open asshole. While Ian’s own cock swells inside its hard plastic casing, Ian greases up his hands and dives into Daxx’s hungry, muscled ass. To see these two muscled, tattooed hunks enjoying each other is sheer poetry! Watch Daxx rise up to a standing position with Ian’s arm stuffed up his ass in liberty tribute. Then Daxx gets down on the floor, his ass pointed up over his head, and Ian comes down to swim the breath stroke inside Daxx’s well-opened hole. Finally Ian rises up and sprays forth his pent-up load from his plump, pumped cock in an eye-popping climax.
   On the wrestling mat, Steve Cruz and Aitor Crash go at each other. Their silken shorts soon fall away to reveal straining jockstraps. Lots of cock diving and ass grabbing down on the mat follow. The enthusiasm and energy between these two studs is infectious. Each grabs and pokes and grunts and sucks at the other. Aitor takes over and gives Steve a fucking he won’t soon forget.
   After they cum, collapse, and catch their breath, Steve dons a pair of bright red boxing gloves and goes at the punching dummy, showing off for Aitor. Aitor gets off on the sight of Steve boxing and jabbing and soon gets on all fours, waving his beautiful, hard ass at Steve, coaxing him to box and jab at his ass instead. Steve attacks Aitor’s ass with his giant red mittened hands, spreading Aitor’s cheeks wide to reveal a beautiful hairy hole, and plunging in his tongue to taste the salty Spaniard. You can bet it’s all Steve can do to tear off those boxing gloves, grease up his hands, and have at Aitor’s sexy ass. These two have a ball all over the wrestling mat! Aitor poured over a fat round pad, his succulently inviting ass swallowing up Steve’s tattooed arm. What a beautiful sight to behold! A great fisting session follows as the two work themselves up in a sweaty ass frenzy.


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