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William Higgins Uncut Czech Gay Porn Stars Men Libor Bores Tom Vojak

Studio: William Higgins Productions
Directed by: William Higgins & staff
Year of Production / Release: 2014
Country of Production: Czech Republic

Libor Bores
Tom Vojak

Tom Vojak and Libor Bores are out in the country. Expecting rain they decide to take shelter in a barn. It is an ideal place to enjoy a little fun and quickly Libor has kissed Tom and opened his shorts. Tom’s cock flops out and Libor starts sucking on it. That cock gets very hard indeed, with the big balls swinging below, as Libor takes it deep in his throat. As he sucks Libor also has his over stiff cock out of his shorts. Tom starts to move off to another location with Libor following him. Libor then stands on some wooden steps, his cock just at the right height for Tom to suck on his cock. He sucks on Libor’s beautiful cock and wanks himself. Then he moves, bending over, exposing his hot ass hole. Libor laps at the hot hole, his tongue getting it all nice and wet. He wanks himself and then Tom as he rims the hole. Libor loves the thick hardness of Tom’s cock and is soon sitting on it, riding his ass up and down. That cock stretches his hole real good. Libor wanks himself, moaning as his ass rides Tom’s throbbing pole. Then Tom grabs Libor’s dick and wanks it. Libor gets off that big cock, but he isn’t finished with it. He bends over and Tom shoves the dick all the way back in his hot hole. He fucks that ass deep and hard with Libor moaning as he feels his hole being stretched. Moving again Libor supports himself, and rests his legs on Tom’s shoulders so his friend can continue fucking him. Tom’s thick cock thrusts deep into Libor’s eager ass. Long thrusts, working his cock in and out really has Libor moaning with pleasure. A final change, with Tom taking that ass from behind has Libor wanking himself and shooting his hot cum all over the ground. Tom continues to fuck that hot ass, and moaning as he does it. He pulls out and shoots his cum all over Libor’s face. Libor quickly sucks the spent cock into his mouth to drain every last drop out of it. Then he stands and ends the scene by kissing his hard-fucking buddy.

William Higgins Uncut Czech Gay Porn Stars Men


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