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William Higgins Uncut Czech Gay Porn Stars Men Fuck Men Tomas Friedel Jan Faust Mirek Ceslar

Studio: William Higgins Productions
Directed by: William Higgins & staff
Year of Production / Release: 2014
Country of Production: Czech Republic

Mirek Ceslar
Jan Faust
Tomas Friedel

With Tomas Friedel, Jan Faust and Mirek Ceslar coming together we were sure of a great scene. We find the buff Tomas oiling his body and being joined, and helped by Mirek. Both are only wearing towels and Tomas starts groping Mirek as his buddy rubs his body. Tomas loses his towel and his cock is already rock hard. Mirek’s towel comes off too and his big dick is fully hard too. Tomas grabs it and starts wanking it. The cocks rub against each other and Tomas wanks them a little. Mirek sits and begins to suck on Tomas’ rock hard cock, working his mouth up and down the shaft. Jan then arrives too, and his towel drops to the floor as he sucks Tomas nipples. Tomas and Jan then kiss as Mirek continues sucking that cock. Jan’s big dick is good and hard too and Tomas wanks it. Mirek stands and he and Tomas slap their cocks against Jan’s beauty. Jan then goes down on his knees and takes, first, Tomas’ cock in his mouth. Mirek pushes his cock in too, so Jan sucks them both. Then he takes turns on each of the throbbing cocks. They move Jan to the couch and lay him down so each Tomas and Mirek can takes turns on his big, fat cock. They are loving Jan’s enormous dick and it’s not long before Tomas is bent over, sucking Mirek and feeling Jan’s dick deep in his ass. Jan fucks that big, hot ass nice and deep as Mirek feeds Tomas’ mouth as well. Mirek needs some ass too and Jan obligingly sits down on his rock hard cock. As he rides that cock Jan’s dick is sucked by Tomas as well. Mirek fucks Jan nice and deep, really pounding his cock into that hole. Then Jan lays on the couch, legs up, so that Tomas can fuck him. He takes that cock so deep and feels Tomas ramming it into his hot hole. Mirek slaps his hard cock on Jan’s mouth, making him open it to taste the cock. Tomas moans so loudly as he works Jan’s hole, his dick going in all the way. Jan grabs his cock and wanks himself to a mighty cumshot as Tomas fucks him deep. Mirek also wanks as Tomas pulls out and shoots his cum over Jan’s ass. He slides his cock back into that ass and fucks some more as Mirek squirts his cum all over Jan’s face. What a great scene, just as we knew it would be.


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