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Massive Studio Massive Studio Massive Studio

Studio: Massive Studio
Directed by: John Bruno
Year of Production / Release: 2005
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Jack Austin
Jeff Brooks
Trey Casteel
Adam Faust
Barrett Long
Zak Spears
Parker Williams

Zak Spears gets fucked by Barrett Long. Hard. And loves it. If that’s all you need to know, then whip out your credit card. Otherwise, this video is too often an exercise in frustration. Massive Studio is a newer studio with a special taste for beefy men. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, especially for this reviewer, as long as you know how to show them having hot sex, and unfortunately Massive still hasn’t quite figured that out yet.
   It’s not the hot sex part, it’s the showing part. This is porn, after all, and we want the camera to get in where the action is and stay there so we can enjoy it. (OK, jerk off to it.) Hard Cops 2 has some great close-ups – especially of that aforementioned Spears-Long fuck – but too often they’re quickly cut away to full-body shots or weird angles where you can hardly see anything. When you have rimming scenes where you barely see the asshole getting rimmed, that’s not good.
   Hard Cops 2 tells the story – if you can call it that – of some crooked cops led by Zak Spears. If you want beefy and older, he’s your man – and then some. His partner is the much younger and smaller Trey Casteel. They investigate a burglary only to find Officer Barrett Long trying to stash cash from a drug bust. Spears takes the cash and orders him to suck his cock..
   Basically, Barrett Long was hired here for one thing – to shove his prodigious, 11-inch cock down whatever hole is presented to it. In other words, he’s not beefy and he’s no cocksucker. In fact, the camera focuses more on him playing with it than the oral action. When it’s Zak’s turn, it’s almost more than he can handle; he jerks it off while sucking it, so we hardly see the shaft, or how much goes in his mouth. A few times he does lets Long fuck his face, and it’s great, but mostly it just a hand job with lips.
   Then comes the magic moment. Spears, the quintessential versatile porn star, bends over so Long can shove that monster in like butter. It’s a powerhouse fuck with long, steady strokes, and Spears deliciously smut-talks through it all. The close-ups from below and behind will take your breath away, but they’re never quite long enough. Zak shoots a creamy load with Long still in him, and Long sprays his jizm past Zak’s head.
   Spears hands the cash to Casteel, but he’s nabbed by Parker Williams of Internal Affairs, who’s only recently found the fame he’s long deserved. This is the scene with dual rim jobs where the camera’s everywhere except directly between their ass-cheeks – and Williams has such a damn nice butt-hole. Williams, as the older man, naturally fucks Casteel, and it’s a good fuck, but the editing and shifting positions never let you fully see it or revel in it. Damn it, man this is porn, not MTV.
   Next up is a threeway between cops Adam Faust and Jack Austin and suspect Jeff Brooks. Faust is quite the young tattooed stud, while Austin and Brooks are much beefier (maybe a bit too beefy; their stomachs are both a six-pack away from becoming bellies). The cops initiate a “cavity search” – Austin’s cock down Brooks’ throat and Faust’s tongue up Brooks’ ass. Here, thank god, the camera stays put enough to show Brook’s rose in full bloom.
   The three then sit on a couch and suck each other off quite satisfyingly, but the sequence is way too short. Brooks gets on all fours to be fucked by Austin, then on his back to be simultaneously fucked by Faust and sucked by Austin – yum! Surprisingly, Austin then gets on all fours to be fucked by Faust, and one of the camera positions is placed and lit so badly that you can’t see anything go in. God, what a waste of both men’s talents.
   The final scene has Spears in prison and getting visitation (!) rights from his partner. The sharp physical differences between Spears and Casteel make for an odd pairing, and certainly Casteel lacks Spear’s charisma and enthusiasm, but it still works, and here Spears sucks with much greater assurance. He’s also on top this time, fucking Casteel fast and furiously – maybe too fast and furious for the camera to fully take it in.
   OK, one could argue that point – and others. Some may like a quick editing style, but this reviewer still insists that if you’re going to show a rim job, you need to show the asshole more than once or twice. And forget about the acting – it’s as lame as anything you’ve ever seen in porn. Finally, this reviewer was the first to praise Spears’ reincarnation in Zak Attack, so it pains me to suggest that Zak is beginning to look more bulky than beefy.
   All in all, this is merely passable porn, and the same goes for the extras. The “bloopers” are just dialog flubs, the interviews are only one-word answers to questions like “what’s your favorite food,” and the Xtra Footage is a short sequence of Faust eating out Austin and Brooks’ asses. The best is the video of Spears and Casteel’s photo shoot which ends with a solo jerk by Zak. Watching the two men fluff each other is more erotic than the actual video.

Hard Cops 2 has some moments (you won’t soon forget Long’s cock plowing Spear’s ass) but all in all it’s a case of arrested arousal.
   -Jameson Rodgers


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