studio / film series: Sean Cody

Studio: SeanCody.com
Directed by: Sean Cody
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Harley [Simon Dexter]

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Pete met Harley a few months ago, before they got together to do this film.
   There were both out over the weekend doing separate films, but ran into each other at the pool. I think the guys have learned that when they see another hot guy at the hotel, the chances are high they are here for us!
   Anyway, they struck up a conversation and spent the afternoon hanging out.
   Apparently, Harley made a big impression on Pete.
   I was talking to Pete the day after he met Harley, and Pete kept hinting that he wanted to be in a film with Harley. Finally, he just came right out and said it.
   I was making him work for it, because I suspected one thing:
   “You have a little crush going there, don’t you?” I asked with a smile.
   “Yeah,” Pete said. “I really like him.”
   So I knew I wanted to get them together. However, Harley is busy with a lot of different things, so it can take some time to get his sexy ass out here.
   I don’t know for sure, but I think that the two of them had exchanged numbers and were talking in the meantime. Because it seemed every time I saw Pete he was more anxious to hook up with Harley.
   So the day finally arrived, and we just had to tease Pete a little:
   “So is it true that you have a little man crush on Harley here?”
   “A little bit,” he said with a shy smile on his face.
   “What do you find attractive about him?”
   “Everything!” he said. Straight to the point!
   I could tell Harley was flattered. But he’s hot so he probably gets that all the time!
   “I’m looking forward to having a good time,” Harley said. “It looks like Pete is going to enjoy today and I think I’m going to do the same.”
   “I’m anxious,” Pete replied. “I want to do this…”
   “Have you seen his weiner yet?” we asked.
   “I have,” Pete said.
   Hmmm. Wonder when that took place?
   “How big is it?”
   “It’s pretty big,” Pete replied. “So yeah, I’m eager…”


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