studio / film series: Eurocreme

Studio: EuroCreme / Hung Ladz
Directed by: Simon Booth
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: Great Britain

Zack Elias
Bruno Flex
Rex Francis
Max Hardy
Matt Hughes
Stuart Hung
Jason O’Connor
Andy O’Neill
Marco Parelli
Philippe Delvaux
Danny Thomas

SCENE 1: Jason O’Connor fucks Phillipe Delvaux
SCENE 2: Marco Parelli fucks Bruno Flex
SCENE 3: Matt Hughes fucks Andy O’Neill with help from Stuart Hung
SCENE 4: Zack Elias fucks Rex Francis
SCENE 5: Max Hardy fucks Danny Thomas

Filled with the sexiest hung guys ever, these lads are real hard fuckers and shooters who love to work tight butts open with thick shafts and spraying them with warm jizz. Delicious new faces and popular stars join forces in the third instalment from Hung Ladz, the perfect studio for cravers of big cock!!

SCENE 1: Thick dick in smooth butt!
Teasing us with a hot shower scene, young Phillipe enjoys the soaping up a little too much as he towels off and sneaks into his sleeping partners bedroom. Getting the cute guy hard and naked, he’s slowly awoken hornier than ever!! Tasting each others dicks and forcing the thick shafts down each others throats.. Unable to hold back anymore, Jason plunges deep into Phillipe, getting his hole stretched by this big dick in great positions, we really get a sense of the action and as his balls slap against smooth ass, the sweat starts to drip and the spunk begins to fly!!

SCENE 2: Hung stud self sucks!!
What a horny way to start a scene, skinhead Bruno and his massive knob get to grips with one another as he bends over and take the whole head into his own mouth!! Getting it ready for dark haired Marco, it’s rock hard and ready for more throat probing. Swallowing Marco’s entire delicious dick, all the way down, he swallows every inch, trying to repay the favour, Marco can’t take it all in his mouth, but the bets are on that his ass can!! Spitting on his hole and cock slapping it, Bruno slowly slides in as we see Marco pushing back, taking it all up his peachy bum. Swapping sides, Bruno gets a taste of Marco’s member as the tables are turned and he’s pushed over and forced to take the thickness into him!!

SCENE 3: Hung Three-way!!
Dark haired bottom boy Andy is in heaven with Matt Hughes and Stuart Hung Matt and his famous 11” dick gets a real service as it’s slapped over Andy’s perfect little ass and endlessly sucked on, almost worshipped by this cock hungry twink. Opening up his own hole, we get a close-up of his fingers prepping himself for the meaty shafts about to enter, as the two top dudes keep themselves rock hard at the thought of what’s to come. Matt takes the lead but really stretching open the tiny guy, loving the sight of Andy’s hole wrapping around the shaft. Splattering him in spunk, his face drips with fresh jizz.

SCENE 4: Skin headed Studs!!
With a proper thick dick, shaven Zack has a perfect cut dick, thick enough to stretch any hole, and a ripped body to make any guy hornier than hell, Rex is one lucky guy, and his throbbing dick proves that he knows it all too well!! Chowing down on that dick in great 69’s you’ll have to stop yourself jumping into the screen to join in the debauched behaviour!! Ready and waiting to have his ass split open, Zack lubes up his begging butt as Rex holds it open for him, letting it slowly open him up as he grinds down, the view from underneath is awesome. Getting what he gave, Zack is pushed to the bed and gets Rex’s meaty dick pounded into his hole as well, getting both guys near orgasm.

SCENE 5: Hard ladz fuck harder!!
These two guys look like they could knock you out with one punch, which only makes them hotter and hotter!! Stripping off their clothes to reveal horny hairy bodies and tasty dicks, the cock sucking will blow you away and when one lad bends the other double, exposing his puckering butthole, it’s too much to ask to stop him slamming his meat all the way inside until he can’t take it anymore. Letting us see every inch slide deeper into him, we’re treated to a real hard pummelling, and hearing him moan in pleasure as his ass is used will make u cum like crazy.

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