studio / film series: Amateur College Men 0

Studio: AmateurCollegeMen.com
Directed by: Corbin Fisher
Year of Production / Release: 2006
Country of Production: U.S.A.


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I was pulling out of the parking lot at my local video rental store the other day (non-porn video rental store, that is) when I glanced over at the car wash next door and saw a smoking hot guy working there, kneeling over and scrubbing some trucks rims. Me being me, I of course found myself thinking “Goodness, I wish he were shirtless…” and then going on to think “Goodness, I wish he and an equally hot friend were shirtless…”, followed immediately thereafter by the thought “Goodness, I wish he and an equally hot friend were shirtless, pantless, and boning one another in the bed of that truck… on my site!”. Well, that final thought I’ve yet to act on by approaching this guy (and asking him if he has an equally hot friend) and giving him my card. But that can’t stop me from recreating the dirty thoughts I had for all of us!
   So I got together Brent and Logan – two smooth hot studs that would certainly look even hotter while wet and lathering up! – and said “Why don’t we do a carwash scene?”. Great thing about a carwash scene is we get to see two young hotties playing around, interacting, and getting sweaty and wet… and I also get a clean car out of the deal! Can’t beat that! And hardly anything gets CF studs more fired up than horsepower – whether it’s cars, trucks, bikes or boats. These boys love their machines, and I love filming them fiddling around with them! So we parked the SUV in a nice, secluded spot, armed Brent and Logan with sponges and hoses and buckets, and just let them go at it while I scrambled around filming.
   I really got a kick out of how these two guys interacted with one another while scrubbing down the truck, and was starting to get really turned on looking forward to the action that’d ensue. I dunno… just something about that carwash scenario! And sure enough, the action didn’t disappoint! By the time they moved around to the back of the truck and lifted up the gate to see all the room there was inside, they leapt right inside and got right to it! They’re all over each other, making out and feeling one another up and down right there in the SUV, outdoors, the sun shining down around them. Now this is how you wash a car!!
   With Brent and Logan each sporting raging hardons, it was soon time for some good old-fashioned backseat sex! Ah, does that ever remind me of college (except for the fortunate lack of a campus safety officer tapping on the fogged up window of my car, disrupting the fun and rendering me and my buddy horribly embarrassed for a good while)! Logan can’t wait to get into Brent’s hole, and Brent can’t wait to get blown. With Brent on his back, Logan drives his dick in to him deep and starts pumping away.
   If you thought the spray action from the hose at the start of this video was something, wait until you see the spraying cumshots at the end! Brent lays a trail of cum right up the middle of his tan, defined chest, blasting off a hot load while Logan’s buried in him deep. And Logan then pulls out, straddles Brent’s chest, and fires off quite the impressive load all over his lucky partner!
   Truth be told, the SUV ended up dirtier than it was before this scene started! So in that respect, I guess things didn’t go as planned. But I sure as heck am not complaining… maybe CF should open up a carwash and invite all our members to make a drive down 🙂


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