studio / film series: Jet Set

Studio: Jet Set
Directed by: Chris Steele
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Patrick Bateman
Dean Carter
David Dakota
Shane Erikson
Jason Pitt
Marcus Steele
Rusty Stevens
Derec Stone
Derrick Vinyard
William West
Dylan Wood

SCENE 1: Derec Stone fucks the cum out of David Dakota
SCENE 2: Derrick Vinyard fucks Dylan Wood; later Rusty Stevens rides Derrick Vinyard and Dylan Wood cocks, tag-team style
SCENE 3: Shane Erickson and Patrick Bateman fucks Dean Carter; Shane Erickson fucks William West
SCENE 4: Dylan Wood fucks Marcus Steele; Marcus Steele fucks Jason Pitt

Coming October 13, 2008! SLIDE from Jet Set Men starring Four Hot Jet Set Exclusives – David Dakota and Dylan Wood along with two new Jet Set Exclusives making their debut Derec Stone and Marcus Steele! Oh but wait! There’s more! Jet Set Exclusive Dylan Wood gives up his hot muscle ass for Derrick Vinyard, yes he’s back and looking better than ever! You won’t want to miss the star of Hung Country for Young Men, Dylan Wood, taking a pounding from Derrick Vinyard! The movie also stars Rusty Stevens, Patrick Bateman, William West, Shane Erickson, Dean Carter and 18 year old Jason Pitt making his video debut!

Located in an exotic, lushly landscaped pool setting, SLIDE, the new Chris Steele Film for Jet Set Men, moves seamlessly from one hot erotic sex scene to the next. There are many secluded, tree shaded areas that provide the 11 hot, muscular, well-hung specimens of manhood private places for their sizzling sexual adventures. Each one of the four scenes takes place in a different area, in a little world of its own. Jet Set Exclusives Dylan Wood, David Dakota, Derec Stone and Marcus Steele, along with seven other hunks, get into it with each other in one hot duo, two sizzling 3-ways and a wild 4-person orgy. And, oh yes, there is a real water slide.

The first two down the chute and into the pool are sensational newcomer Derec Stone and handsome David Dakota. Climbing out of the water, Derec stands alone with an erection exploding over his blue bathing suit. He works it out to jack it off. Before long you see not only Derec stroking his big thick dick, but you catch sight of David, standing a short distance away, working on his on his own beautiful cock and eying Derec. They move together so that David can connect with Derec. He kisses Derec’s thick sensuous lips and runs his hands amorously over Derec’s smooth-skinned muscular body. He pulls Derec’s suit totally off and goes to work on his dick for a long session. David drops his own suit and strokes himself while he goes down on him, sucking and licking Derec’s balls as well as his dick. Eventually, the two kiss again and David turns him around to lean on a boulder while he rims and eats the young man’s ass. David buries his smiling face deep in Derec’s butt crack, surrounding his face with the young man’s beautifully rounded ass cheeks. But soon it is David who is now sitting on Derec’s big cock, and happily sliding up and down. David’s hole is now open for business, so he bends over and holds on to the rock for support so that Derec can drive his throbbing dick in and out. David wears a smile throughout. There are beautiful shots taken from beneath the action that catch Derec stiff prick pounding David’s ass. Finally, David flips over so that Derec can shove it in missionary style while he jacks off. In the distance, we see Rusty Stevens, playing with his dick and getting off on the scene across the pool. David finally shoots and Derec cums follows soon.

Rusty swims to another area of the pool and crawls up on the deck where another big erection awaits. It is protruding from another muscular stud – Derrick Vinyard. Rusty immediately gives him head and checks him out. Derrick bends down to kiss him and then gets down to suck on Rusty. Rusty stands and takes his suit all the way off. Derrick is now on his knees sucking on Rusty when the very handsome Dylan Wood appears through the foliage. He obviously like what he sees and drops to his knees to join Derrick co-sucking on Rusty. Two mouths are twice as hot as one. Dylan is now on his knees, wedged between the men and sucking on both. He finally gets up and the three kiss. Derrick knows a hot ass when he sees one and so he fucks Dylan, bent over to take him, as Rusty drops to his knees to suck on him from the front. Shot from beneath in great detail, it is a long session. Eventually, Derrick and Dylan lie down side by side and slide condoms on so that Rusty can ride the two of them, one at a time – side by side. First Derrick, then Dylan pound him from beneath, switching off three times. After a long go around, they all stand, jack themselves off and shoot their loads.

Blond William West is caught peering through the leaves. You assume he’s watching the last scene, but he’s actually staring at Shane Erickson and Dean Carter, two blue-eyed young men carrying on in nearby, side by side chaises. Shane is giving Dean a passionate blow job, but as William approaches, Dean turns to work suck on him, bringing him into their action. The suits disappear, and after kissing, Shane and William cooperate, working on Dean’s dick, sucking and kissing at the same time. At length, they throw Dean’s legs in the air so Shane can rim him and William suck. Dean loves the attention. He climbs atop Shane and drives Shane’s large super-erect dick up his ass. For a moment, William looks like the odd man out, but tall, handsome Patrick Bateman appears through the bushes. He’s muscular and with an hard-on ready for action. William immediately goes down on it to give him great head. He looks to be just what William had in mind. Shane continues to pound Dean’s ass on one chaise as Patrick now rams William’s butt hole on the other. Then they switch and Patrick shoves his big dick in Dean’s fuckhole and Shane goes for William’s. Patrick jacks off and shoot his load up and over Dean’s head as Dean cums on his own stomach. Shane shoots over William who gives his own dick the jackhammer treatment and spurts on himself.

Muscular stud Marcus Steele slides out of the water and pulls his suit down to stroke his big dick. Dylan swims up to check him out. He gets out of the water also and goes down on Marcus’s thick tool, sucking and jacking himself off at the same time. Marcus then takes a turn on Dylan’s dick, giving him head while stroking his own. He stands up and kisses him, grabbing both their cocks, squeezing and jacking them together. Jason, a blond tousle-haired young man, arrives on the scene just as Dylan is about ready to fuck Marcus. Marcus encourages Jason to join the party and gives him head while being fucked. Then Marcus takes a turn fucking Jason, spread eagle on his back, as Dylan hold his legs aloft. Jason does double duty as he sucks Dylan from beneath while getting topped by Marcus. Both Dylan and Marcus shoot their loads on Jason, and then he cums as well. By the scene’s end, one has a pretty good idea why guys would come to this particular pool to play. The water slide is only one of the attractions.



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