studio / film series: Bulldog Studios (UK)

Studio: Bulldog XXX
Directed by: Maxwell B / Maxwell Barbe
Year of Production / Release: 2007
Country of Production: Great Britain

Rocco Banks
Ivo Costa
Steve Daniels
Lui Devin
Freddy [Freddy Falcon]
Harris / Harry
Thierry Lamasse [Jake]
Matthieu Paris
Ben Taylor

SCENE 1: Carioca and Thierry Lamasse fuck and “spit-roast” Lui Devin
SCENE 2: Thierry Lamasse fucks Steve Daniels
SCENE 3: Ben Taylor fucks Matthieu Paris
SCENE 4: Rocco Banks and Carioca fuck Freddy
SCENE 5: Harry fucks Ivo Costa

Scene One: Awesome interracial threesome, muscle bound Brazilian stud Carioca and his workmate Thierry, a slightly hairy French fucker use and abuse fellow colleague Lui, a smooth, slim guy who loves the taste of hard, thick dick. Devouring both whilst they kiss, he’s laid down and the hunky dark skinned bloke squats over his face, allowing Lui’s tongue to get as deep as possible. Bent double, his ass is stretched open as he sucks cock, having both massive cocks inside him at once. Lui’s hairy legs are spread apart and his butt is properly used, stuffed full of pounding meat; Thierry is a rampant fucker who we’d all love to let loose on our own butts.

Scene Two: Gym sex!! Thierry is ready for a workout, and gets more than what he was expecting when he sees Steve getting horny watching him use the punch bag. His big dick is put to good use again, sliding down Steve’s throat as he gets face fucked. This hot young lad is in for the fuck of a lifetime as our hot Gallic man flexes his body as he gets hornier and hornier. Our piereced top guy pins his fuck against the boxing ring as he gets his tongue deep into Steve’s butt, ready for his dick to stretch into. Shooting his spunk over Steve’s face after a mega hot fucking, Thierry is sure to have a hell of a lot of fans wanting to feel that dick thrust inside them.

Scene Three: Horse hung Ben Taylor meets hairy, tattooed Matthieu and the hard, rough fuck session begins!! Both studs are truly hot and Matt’s thick dick throbs as he gags on Ben’s monstrous dick, tasting sweat, spit and ass, these horny fuckers dive onto each others cocks, getting face fucked and feeling the rock solid cock slide down their throats. Teasing Matt with his throbbing head, Ben gets him to push against his dick, feeling it slide deep into him until both studs are breathless with the pushing and pulling of dick into ass, they both explode cum all over their chest and faces. This scene is amazingly horny and will make you harder than you’ve ever been in your life!!

Scene Four: Carioca is back for more, this time with hairy hunk Rocco and muscle stud Freddy. These hairy studs love the taste of cock just as much as anyone, and the amount of dick they can get into their mouth shows just how much. All three have gorgeous looking knobs which twitch and quiver as they take it in turns to devour each other, rubbing their muscular bodies, the stench of sex is almost dripping through the screen. Both Rocco and Carioca have a go on Freddy’s ass, making him grunt and groan in pure ecstasy as both guys get their dicks used by his eager butt, covering his back in fresh spunk!!

Scene Five: Cleaning up the gym, Harry has one client left in the showers, and when he comes out, the clothes come off!! Ivo has a stunning tanned body and smooth, defined abs, not to mention a cock to die for. Its no wonder Harry strips off, hard as a rock and gets to his knees to taste what’s in store. These smooth studs are real cock hungry fuckers, dark haired Ivo can’t believe his luck with the amount of attention his cock is getting from shaven headed Harry. His hairy hole is played with and lubed up with spit, ready for a big dick to slide all the way into. Ivo’s loving the deep ass action and Harry’s quivering cock pulsates inside him, feeding him as much cock as possible.


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