studio / film series: HARD BRIT LADS

smutjunkies Film Library Simon Booth

Studio: Hard Brit Lads online
Directed by: Simon Booth
Year of Production / Release: 2011
Country of Production: Great Britain

Stany Falcone
Jack Jefferson

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smutjunkies Film Library Simon Booth

Super fit handsome stud Stany Falcone has a hard sweaty session with cute muscle lad Jack Jefferson in this great scene, which pairs two incredibly hot guys with fantastic bodies and big dicks. The scene starts with passionate kissing and both guys eager to check out each others bodies.
   Stany puts his vest behind his head, and Jack licks and sucks on his nipples, feeling his incredible abs and pecs, and begins to rub the growing bulge in Stanys shorts. Then Jack removes his top, and Stany plays with his nipples for a bit, reaching for his cock. They kiss some more, before Jack works his way downs Stanys chest, getting onto his knees, and peels down his shiny shorts.
   Stanys dick is rock solid, and Jack begins sucking. Jack has incredible oral skills and can deepthroat expertly, and clearly enjoys swallowing Stanys stiff meat just as much as Stany enjoys getting some amazing deepthroat. He takes his time with it, savouring it, before standing up to kiss again, and then Stany goes down onto his knees, pulling Jacks shorts down, allowing his thick uncut 8 incher to spring out.
   Stany takes hold of Jacks meaty dick, and sucks on the end, getting it nice and wet, then slowly sucks it deep, making Jack rock hard. He uses plenty of spit, and the sucking is very hot here. Then the lads move onto the floor, where Stany sits, leaning back against the wall. Jack lays on his side, and sucks him some more, but this time the sucking is more intense, he can suck even deeper at this angle, so fans of deepthroat will love this part.
   Next, Jack lays on his back, legs back, and Stany rubs Jacks smooth butt hole with his finger, then gets it wet with plenty of spit, and slowly eases his finger into Jack arse, gently massaging it as he moves his finger in and out.
   Jack is standing up now, leaning against the wall, and Stany stands behind him, cock throbbing, and gently pushes his stiff dick into Jacks arse. Gripping him firmly, he begins to fuck him, and quickly speeds up, his abs and biceps tensing as he fucks, glistening with sweat. He builds up and fucks Jacks hard. Then the guys move onto the floor, Jack on all fours, face on the ground, arse up in the air, and Stany leans over him, pushing his cock down into him, so he is fucking him from above, and fucking him very deep.
   After that, Jack lays on his back, with Stany on his knees, for a final hard and deep fucking. As before, he fucks hard, and both lads are hot and sweaty now, Jacks dick is rock solid as he takes his final pounding, and he jerks himself off while Stany fucks him. Finally, Stany pulls out, pulling the condom off, and both lads jerk off. Jack cums almost instantly, and cums really hard, shooting tons of thick spunk right up his chest almost to his neck. The sight of this makes Stany cum, and he shoots plenty too, leaving Jack drenched in hot sweat and hot cum. Awesome.

smutjunkies Film Library Simon Booth


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