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William Higgins Uncut Czech Gay Porn Stars Men Fuck Men Marc Harer Jan Faust

Studio: William Higgins Productions
Directed by: William Higgins & staff
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: Czech Republic

Marc Harer
Jan Faust

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Marc Harer was very keen to have a screentest, so we paired him with the lovely Jan Faust. We find them on the bed, with Jan interviewing Marc. Then they start to kiss each other and they reach over to have a feel as well. Almost immediately they are wanking each other and Marc then goes down on Jan’s cock and starts to suck. Jan’s cock responds and gets rock hard. He removes his pants and Marc goes right back down on that big cock. As he sucks he is on his knees, giving a great view of his hot ass. Jan reaches for Marc’s cock and wanks it, as we get to see that hot ass hole. Marc’s cock is getting hard under Jan’s touch, and his balls have tightened nicely. Marc comes off Jan’s throbbing cock and he presents his own for sucking. Jan goes right to it, taking that big dick in his mouth. He sucks on it, lips wrapped tightly around the head. Then they move into a 69 position, with Marc on top so we can see his sexy ass some more. He goes up on his knees so that Jan can rim that hot hole. His tongue works on that hole as Marc uses his hands to spread the cheeks. Then he goes back down on Jan’s cock. Jan then moves Marc into doggy position and slides his hard cock deep into that sexy ass. He starts to fuck with nice long strokes. He really works that hole well. When they move again Marc sits his ass right down on Jan’s big cock. He rides up and down on that cock, wanking himself at the same time. Another move, into missionary position, has Jan’s dick really fucking that ass, stretching it so good. Then it’s back to doggy style, with Marc wanking hard and fast, until he shoots his cum all over the bed. Jan pulls out of that hot ass and dumps his cum all over it, to finish off a wonderful screentest. Then, after a final kiss the guys go off to the shower to clean up.

Model Name: Jan Faust
Age: 20
Home Town: Budapest
Height: 177cm/5’9″
Weight: 75kg/165lb
Foot Size: EU43/US8.7/UK8.2
Penis Size: 18cm/7.09″
Profession/Student of: Student
Hobbies: Fitness, Music, Movies
Favorite Sports: Gym
Active Sports: Gym
Movie/Music/Sport Stars: The Town
Visited Coutries: EU
Want to Visit Coutries: Africa
Dream of My Life: Drowning in money:)
Zodiac Sign: Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Model Name: Marc Harer
Age: 30
Home Town: Prague
Height: 172cm/5’7″
Weight: 70kg/154lb
Foot Size: EU41/US8.3/UK7.8
Penis Size: 16cm/6.3″
Profession/Student of: Unemployed
Hobbies: Cycling
Favorite Sports: Football
Active Sports: Fitness
Movie/Music/Sport Stars: Zito 44
Visited Coutries: Croatia
Want to Visit Coutries: France
Dream of My Life: Make a lot of money!
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

William Higgins


Members can download the High Definition and other versions of this film. Extensive Photosets are always offered to members as well.

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