Falcon Studios BY INVITATION ONLY (FVP-094) Falcon Studios BY INVITATION ONLY (FVP-094) Falcon Studios BY INVITATION ONLY (FVP-094)

Studio: Falcon Studios
Directed by: John Rutherford
Year of Release / Production: 1994
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Chad Donovan
Matt Gunther
Brad Hunt
David Logan / Dave Logan
Doug Perry
Dino Phillips
Hal Rockland
Vince Rockland
Scott Russell
Hunter Scott
Cort Stevens
Brandon West
Scott Wilder

A group of young men are invited to a country inn by a mystery guest for reasons they don’t know. The guests get to know each other, in the Biblical sense.

Falcon Studios BY INVITATION ONLY (FVP-094)
SCENE 1: Hal Rockland fucks Hunter Scott, Cort Stevens jacks-off
In this scene, Hal Rockland and Hunter Scott meet unexpectedly in a shared bathroom. Hal asks for some help with his tie, but Hunter has more in mind. Hunter enjoys slurping on Hal’s uncut cock before Hal spreads Hunter’s hole open wide then fucks him. At the end of the scene, Cort Stevens is summoned to the mystery guest where he must strip and jack off.

Falcon Studios BY INVITATION ONLY (FVP-094)
SCENE 2: Vince Rockland fucks Dino Phillips
Guests Vince Rockland and Dino Phillips flirt over dinner and excuse themselves to their rooms. After a few moments of tender kissing, Vince has Dino’s hole opened up and pounds him hard on the bed.

Falcon Studios BY INVITATION ONLY (FVP-094)
SCENE 3: Matt Gunther fucks Cort Stevens
Cort Stevens finishes his performance for the mystery host from Scene 1. In this scene, the host asks him to finger himself before he finally reels himself. Matt Gunther, as the mystery guest, fucks Cort.

Falcon Studios BY INVITATION ONLY (FVP-094)
SCENE 4: Hal Rockland, Cort Stevens, Brad Hunt, Chad Donovan, Vince Rockland, Doug Perry, Hunter Scott, Matt Gunther, Dino Phillips, David Logan, Scott Russell, Brandon West gang-bang Scott Wilder
Finally, the entire casts joins for a megaorgy, which climaxes in everyone lining up to fuck Scott Wilder. Each guy fucks him to he cums on Scott’s back. By the end, Scott’s entire back and butt is covered in cum.


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