I DO (JVP-019)

Falcon Studios I DO (JVP-019) Falcon Studios I DO (JVP-019)

Studio: Falcon Studios / Jocks / TCS Studio
Directed by: Steve Scott
Year of Release / Production: 1984
Country of Production: U.S.A.


Steve Collins
Bob Emory
Rick Faulkner
Andy Fuller
Tim Kramer
Dean London
Beau Matthews
Brian Nichols
Mark Reynolds
Joe Roberts

from BJ LAND:
Jeff Carson (the groom’s brother) “tricks” the whole (male) wedding party into having plenty of GAYSEX before the wedding – ( a barber, tailor, caterer help out) great blowjobs, no-condom fucking – and the brother “gets it” in the end! (from bother the bridegroom and the best man!). Fantastic scene when tailor Steve Collins talks Andy Fuller into a blow job in the dressing room of his shop – “aww, c’mon, no will we know”. Only disappointment in the film was hot, handsome Beau Matthews posing as a photographer, blows his cock ring model, but only gets shirtless himself! Also stars: Tim Kramer, Brian Nichols, Bob Emory, Joe Marconi, Rick Faulkner, Dean London, Mark Reynolds, and Linda Martin (we only see her as her fiancee’ fucks her, getting his little brother all hot ‘n’ bothered).


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