Falcon Studios THE IVY LEAGUE (FVP-178) Falcon Studios THE IVY LEAGUE (FVP-178)
Studio: Falcon Studios
Directed by: John Bruno
Country of Production: U.S.A.
Year of Production / Release: 2007

Jason Adonis
Roman Heart
Tony Martin
Martin Mazza
Erik Rhodes
Zackary Ryan
Eddie Stone
Ryan Wade

Remember High School and the feeling of wanting so earnestly to be involved in something bigger? Remember the various clubs, groups and political organizations that were available for you to join so easily that it lost its luster when anyone could join? It was the groups who carefully selected their members that were the most popular. Ivy League is just that: an invite only group where only carefully selected men of impressive talents are able to join. Check and see who has a membership and you’ll know why they were chosen to belong to this prestigious league.

Ivy League invitations are sent off but not before Martin Mazza services Erik Rhodes healthy uncut cock worshipping it on his knees in the young squire’s office. On his desk, in an armchair and over the coffee table Rhodes black socked feet planted into the ground thrust deep inside his servant’s nice big Latin ass over and over again.

The three chosen Ivy League candidates arrive in Los Angeles for their mysterious initiation. Jason Adonis is joined by Ryan Wade (Evan) inside the in-house weight room and is instructed on some body image sculpting skills to match his highly political background. The two bench, push and pump until Wade succumbs to Adonis’ shaved cock and balls both orally and anally.

Collegiate Zackary Ryan is summoned before handsome Eddie Stone and sent to soap up his young hairless body behind a glass shower. Stone enjoys the show so much he rises from his soaking bath water and strokes his manly cock returning Ryan a show of his own. Once joined in the tub the men go at each other from lather, rinse to repeat each with their mouths on the other’s meat. It’s not until they move to the bed that we see Ryan’s fat fuck stick at work long and deep inside Stone’s ass in various mountings.

Pool-shark Roman Heart persuades newbie Tony Martin out of his pants and spread eagle on the red felt behind the eight ball. The two take turns eating each other out with Martin impaling himself on top of Heart, bouncing and wincing the length of his shaft. Roman sinks both his cock and all his balls in the corner pocket shooting on cue all over his newbie’s chest.

Outside while the crickets sing each new pledge – Ryan Wade, Tony Martin & Zackary Ryan – enters into their final initiation into the Ivy League. Erik Rhodes bends them over and wax is poured and dildos are shoved into each new man’s ass. Each gives Rhodes a taste of their generous sized young cocks and a road test inside each of their tight butt holes. Their initiation ends and all three newcomers enter into the secret society of the Ivy League.


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