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Raging Stallion FISTPACK 29: WHEN A MAN NEEDS A FIST  Raging Stallion FISTPACK 29: WHEN A MAN NEEDS A FIST 118933
Studio: Raging Stallion / Fisting Central
Directed by: Chris Ward
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: U.S.A.

James Aaron
Race Cooper
Element / Element Eclipse
Lance Navarro
Ryan Patrick

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It’s a craving all fisting pigs know. Other guys don’t even have a clue. The need. Riding toys won’t do it. Even an expert plowing from a real, monster cock does not satisfy. Your hungry, insatiable ass hole demands the power, the strength, the unflinching determination of A FIST!! This Fistpack delivers! Three of our hungriest, most capable bottoms are here to show you how they tackle that intractable, insatiable demand for forearm-deep penetration. You can see it in their eyes. You can feel it in their wide open holes.

RYAN PATRICK waits spread wide open in our rear stable. Laying back on seed bags and barrels, his peach complexion glows so temptingly sweet. RYAN strokes his fat, uncut cock and his hole awaits attention. RACE COOPER’s dark probing hands come into view and are magnetically drawn to into RYAN’s open thighs. “You gonna spread open my country hole?” asks RYAN. RACE nods eagerly and dives in, driving a few spit soaked fingers into RYAN’s ass while wrapping his lips around that sweet hard meat. It’s not long before RACE has lubed up his hand proper and slide his muscular fist right past RYAN’s hungry sphincter. Soon, RYAN’s hole is stretched around RACE’s glistening paw and RYAN moans in fist filled excitement. RACE’s own dark, hard muscled body undulates with each thrust, plunging deeper into RYAN’s insatiable ass. The incredibly sexy sight of these two is a stunner! RACE can’t believe his own eyes and the sensation of RYAN’s hole around his probing hand is so fucking sensual he can’t hold back. RACE works RYAN’s hole for all its worth, opening RYAN’s beautiful pucker and filling it with hard, dark, arm muscle. He picks up RYAN up off of his back, pushes him down on the ground, and blows his creamy load all over RYAN’s beautiful face. RYAN lays back and returns the tribute. Whoa!

ELEMENT ECLIPSE is a demanding pig and he knows just how he wants LANCE NAVARRO – tied wide and spread open. ELEMENT binds up LANCE’s ankles with thick hemp rope, suspending LANCE’s feet high and wide apart. While LANCE works his own uncut snake with a gleaming sound, ELEMENT greases up his paw and plunges right into LANCE’s cavernous depths. ELEMENT grins with pleasure and LANCE takes everything ELEMENT dishes out. ELEMENT’s own long, curved down tool pulses as ELEMENTS own forearm sinks into LANCE. Sweet precum drips from LANCE’s tool and ELEMENT wastes no time slurping and sucking LANCE’s cock while working his arm deeper and deeper into quivering hole. ELEMENT draws out the metal sound with his teeth and LANCE’s eyes roll back in waves of ecstasy. LANCE wants deeper stimulation. He greases up a fat 18″ silicone sound and works it into his hard pisser while ELEMENTS arm feeds his ass. Taking it from both holes is all LANCE wants. ELEMENT wants to push LANCE even further. Greasing up the back end of a clear FleshLight, ELEMENT slides the fat fuck tube up inside LANCE’s open hole and proceeds to fuck the Fleshlight. This is one fucking hot sight! ELEMENT’s lube slicked uncut monster pushes into the clear, rubber soft lining of the FleshLight which spreads LANCE’s hole open wider and wider! The sucking, slurping FleshLight sounds incredible! Now that LANCE’s hole is completely ELEMENT’s own, ELEMENT unties LANCE’s bindings, and stands him up. Grabbing onto the ropes, LANCE presents his ass to ELEMENT and ELEMENT sinks in his arm like a knife thru butter. ELEMENT sits back and glides LANCE’s dripping monster cock into his open mouth. What comes next is an amazing sight! ELEMENT works up a tremendous load, spraying high into the air while sucking and fisting LANCE. LANCE follows with his own violent free-fall off Cum Mountain, unloading gushes of cum all over ELEMENT’s waiting face. Such Fuckin’ Pigs!

Now here’s a flip-flop match up you’re gonna remember for a long, long time: RYAN PATRICK and AARON JAMES punching it out in a regulation boxing ring! Both of these men are real pros at punching holes they’re in the perfect arena to duke it out. RYAN tops AARON’s tattoo crowned hole in the opening round and makes one lip smacking, heart pounding show of it. There’s lots of glistening lube soaked hand in hole action in this no holds barred demonstration of fist fulfillment fever. On all fours, AARON’s smooth beautiful round ass sucks RYAN in completely. Ass lips stretch and chew on RYAN’s big, mighty paws and AARON lets RYAN know just how much he loves it with his grunts and coaxing moans. When RYAN’s hands pull out, AARON’s beautiful gaping asshole winks wide. You’ll fall deep inside just staring at this amazing sight! And when AARON shows off his fiery rosebud, RYAN’s eyes widen! Not to be outdone, RYAN gives his own fabled hole over to AARON’s lubed hands and rides AARON’s arm to the hilt. Ever hungry, RYAN bends back and stuffs his own paw up his ass, showing off his own tremendous skills to AARON’s appreciative gaze. AARON gets RYAN up on the ropes and RYAN uses their elastic bounce to ride AARON’s arm up and down. You never saw moves like this on a regulation ring before! One more swap and AARON is riding RYAN’s arm for a full tilt cum eruption spewing jizz all over the mat. AARON gets on all fours and presents his gaping, open hole. This incredible view gets RYAN transfixed and he blows his cum in a heart pounding chest heaving climax. These boys are champs!



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