#1 FAN

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#1FAN with Damon Heart Kayden Gray Sexy Well Dressed Men Naked Men At Play

Studio: Men At Play
Directed by: Men At Play
Year of Production / Release: 2019
Country of Production: Spain

Kayden Gray
Damon Heart

Sexy Well Dressed Men Naked Men At Play

Fan Favorite Damon Heart is back with his gorgeous model face and tight dancer body and this time he’s paired with another fan favorite Kayden Gray in this weeks Men at Play scene fittingly titled..
   #1 Fan.
   Damon, an actor, arrives in his dressing room to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers along with a card from his obsessive #1 Fan, Kayden Gray. Not sure whether to be flattered or disturbed he rips up the card and tosses it in the garbage and begins to get ready for his shoot.
Surprise, Surprise not only did Kayden send the flowers he also delivered them himself and has been secretly waiting for Damon to arrive.
Damon tries to keep his cool while Kayden fan-girls over him and rummages through his rack of suits, even going as far as to put one on with a little help from Damon.
   All appears to be going well until Kayden sees his fan letter torn up in the garbage and to say he confronted Damon would be putting it mildly.
Pushing him up against the wall, Kayden decides to take what he really came there for….A piece of Damon.
   He passionately kisses Damon and strokes his visibly rock hard dick through his pants, eventually turning him around to loosen up his tight hole with his tongue.
   Damon has no choice but to surrender to the whims of his fan, letting him plunge his fat cock so deep inside of him his eyes roll.
The two continue to suck and fuck until Damon can no longer contain himself from gushing cum all over Kayden. Damon repays Kayden for his worship with the fan treatment he was expecting, tonguing and licking his balls until he also spurts his massively thick load .
This is Men at Play fucking at its finest.

Sexy Well Dressed Men Naked Men At Play

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