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Studio: Studio 2000
Directed by: Martin Lover
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: Argentina

Axel Augusto
Valentin Sasso [Valentin Carusso]
Peter Clay
Alexis Hung
Juan Ignacio
Alexander Magnin
Paris Marriot
Matias Rey
Bruno Bordas
Thomas Crespo [Pablo Thomas]
Julian Tupac

Studio 2000 heads to Argentina for this delectable feast for the senses. Director Martin Lover has rounded up eleven handsome South American studs to play out sensual mansex scenarios based on the five senses: Sight, Sound, Hearing, Taste and Touch. Imagine the erotic possibilities!

SCENE ONE: Taste (Bruno Bordas and Alexander Magnin)
Musclebound Alexander Magnin enjoys a relaxing, outdoor picnic with his lover Bruno Bordas. Wearing only bikini briefs and relaxing in the sun, the two masculine hunks sip wine and sample from a basket of appetizers. Soon they’re ready to taste other things; they kiss with sensual passion, taking their time and savoring the sensations, until Magnin flips over and Bordas decorates his sweet bubble butt with whipped cream. They move on to blowjobs, incorporating chocolate and cherry sauce into their sexplay, licking up every drop from each other’s bodies. Magnin is first fucked doggy style, and then they switch positions to allow Magnin to bounce in his grunting lover’s lap until Bordas blows a white load onto Magnin’s chest and shoulder.

SCENE TWO: Smell (Axel Augusto, Claudio Lopez and Lautauro Tupac)
On the set of a porn shoot, a rascally production assistant furtively sneaks and sniffs the abandoned trunks of handsome men. Meanwhile, the frustrated director tells off his lazy actors, only to notice three equally sexy members of his crew are horned-up and ready for action. Pleased, the director aims his camera at his crew and off they go! Alex, Claudio and pillow-lipped, lovely Lautauro kiss and trade off blowjobs; one drops to his knees to suck cock while the others smooch, then they reverse positions, and reverse again, to allow everyone ample time with a cock in his mouth and to make out with his buddies. Lautauro spends as much time porking both of his fellow crew members; Axel and Claudio both spread wide in several positions apiece as they hump away the afternoon, outdoors, underneath the lush greenery and shade trees.

SCENE THREE: Hearing (Bruno Bordas, Matias Rey, Valentin Sasso)
Hung pup Matias showers as he waits for college classmates Bruno and Valentin to arrive and study for a mathematics test. Their cram session interrupted by the passionately noisy fucking next door, Matias soon has his impressively thick cock in his hand and something other than trigonometry on his mind as he listens to his neighbors’ lovemaking. Bruno and Valentin go down on his imposing sausage, each one working as much of it down their throat as they can. Matias bends Bruno over the dining room table to stuff his thick penis as far into Bruno’s tight butt as possible while an envious Valentin watches. But he’s not left out of the action; worked up by his own ass-pounding, Bordas then slides his own stiff meat into Sasso’s bum for a solid fuck. All three cum and reluctantly turn back to the books.

SCENE FOUR: Touch (Julian Crespo and Alexis Hung)
A blind man comes on to his masseuse and is gently rebuffed; however, the masseuse cooks up an idea to give his client a special treat, and dials up a friend to stop by. When the sexy, trim stud arrives he is surprised to learn the truth about his hook-up; however, the blind man is prepared and with a blindfold he offers to teach the young buck the sensual possibilities of letting go of his eyesight in order to enhance his remaining senses. They kiss gently, trade blowjobs and move into urgent, passionate lovemaking.

SCENE FIVE: Sight (Peter Clay and Paris Marriot, Claudio Lopez and Lautauro Tupac)
A trio of stud pups frolic and splash poolside, kidding around and kissing as they listen to music and enjoy the weather. They climb out of the pool and get down to more serious action, sucking cock and kissing, kissing and sucking cock. They grab a blanket and move off to a secluded, leafy garden to continue their sexplay and are joined by a fourth horny pup. They pair off: Peter and Paris, Claudio and Lautauro. Their hands, mouths and eyes wander even as they ride a stiff boner. No on’s cock remains untouched or mouth remains unfilled for long as the handsome young quartet screw away the afternoon, concluding their sexplay with four pop shots in a row.


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