Studio: Channel 1 / Sports & Recreation
Directed by: Drew Warner
Year of Production / Release: 1999
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Matt Bradshaw
Brad Davis
Doug Jeffries
Scott Matthews
David Pierre
Dean Spencer
Alex Wilcox
Peter Wilder

SCENE 1: Alex Wilcox fucks Peter Wilder
SCENE 2: Scott Matthews David Pierre
SCENE 3: Matt Bradshaw fucks Dean Spencer
SCENE 4: Doug Jeffries fucks Brad Davis

One of Mandatory Pictures first releases comes to DVD with a box-art makeover (cover model Alex Wilcox replaces Dean Spencer), Channel 1’s Pop-Shot compilation, and little else in the way of new.
   Welcome to Number 964, where everyone knows your face (probably because these tramps have already sat on it) but would be hard-pressed to remember your name. It’s a day in the life of the stud-filled apartment complex where anything goes, and frequently does!
(Jesus, that line sounds so lame, now that I’m looking at it.)
   As morning light spills through the kitchen window it illuminates the muscular body of Wilcox, receiving a pre-coffee and bagels blow-job from horny house-mate Wilder. Sadly, I’m the sort of person who’d turn this down at such an early hour. (It’s best to avoid me all together till I’ve had twelve ciggies and a pot of tea.) Soon Wilder is on the kitchen table, getting a sound wake-up hammering from the endlessly energetic topstud as they skip the muesli altogether and provide enough cream to fill the entire street’s coffee-cups. Can you think of a better way to start your day?
   The second floor tenants (blonde Matthews and brooding dark Frenchman Pierre) also have a strikingly similar morning ritual. Both are muscular, tanned, to-die-for and slightly more romantic, with plenty of kissing, nipple sucking, armpit licking and tongue-grooving before out come their gigantic wangs for a suck session of jaw-breaking intensity. Finally Matthews indulges bottom-boy Pierre in an ass-bash that concludes with the arrival of gallons of spooge.
   Dusk is falling and hunky Bradshaw has got Spencer back to his pad. Spencer keeps it all surprisingly vanilla, as he and his trick make a meal out of their erogenous zones before pulling out the big guns – two elongated wieners. They struggle to swallow such monsters, especially poor Spencer who really deserved a bonus for having to have his meal super-sized! The temperature continues to rise when the uncut Brit climbs aboard Bradshaw’s loverocket, and jets off into space, all the while both watching their sinewy flesh contort with pleasure in a nearby mirror. Each powerful thrust that Bradshaw provides pushes them closer to ejaculation, which gets the slow-mo treatment, as Spencer is covered with both their fertilizer.
   The final scene begins with Davis showering, a brief solo performance from the athletic exhibitionist. Watch in awe as he turns a simple soap-show into an ass-fingering eye-opening taster of things to come! Leaving the shower he finds goateed dreamboat Jeffries is more than willing to join him in the bedroom for a late-night snack that soon becomes a Feast at Midnight. Jeffries proceeds to face-fuck him, feeding his inches into a mouth that is soon over-spilling with love saliva. Our active guy isn’t one to hang around though, and launches a full-scale invasion on Davis’s asshole. A mega-pumping causes juice to bellow from an angry cock, and Jeffries completes the scene with a two handed jerk-off that sees his own milk splatter his stomach.
   And so ends another typical day at 964, where spicy sausage is served hourly. If only we could be a fly on their walls full-time.
   A relatively good series of energetic performances from well-experienced models, each packing the sort of equipment that would make Trigger green with envy, make what should have been an ordinary run-of-the-mill-seen-it-all-before piece now sizzle with excitement. A promising start to the company that went on to deliver great titles like Locked Up, Exhibition and Gang Bang Jocks. Recommended.
-Froufrou A. Gogo


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