A DEBT TO PAY Cole Keller Gianni Maggio Kristen Bjorn handsome men from around the world

Studio: Kristen Bjorn Productions
Directed by:
Year of Production / Release: 2022
Country of Production: Spain

Cole Keller
Gianni Maggio

A DEBT TO PAY Cole Keller Gianni Maggio Kristen Bjorn handsome men from around the world

Gianni Maggio runs the Porn Syndicate and keeps tight control over its operations, yet today as one of his cohorts, Cole Keller arrives late and short on cash he decides to deal with him in the only manner that he seems to understand. Gianni takes Cole back to the office at gun point and lays down the rules. Cole leaves the room temporarily to hopefully find some fast cash as Gianni begins disrobing and neatly laying his personal items to the side. When Cole enters the room, he finds his boss fully naked and his fully aroused monster cock dancing in the wind. Cole is instructed to remove his clothing as Gianni instructs him to show him his magnificent muscular body. “Now get on your knees and suck my dick” is the order given to Cole so that he remembers who the boss is and who is in charge of this organization. Cole is a brilliant cock sucker, but this monster cock is a challenge for any gifted cock sucker. None the less, Cole works his hot mouth up and down the boss’ fat, long cock shaft making sure to bring him only pleasure and not to piss him off any further. After a time of pleasurable cock sucking, Cole is instructed to stand up and turn around, Gianni removes his pants and underwear and begins devouring his sumptuous ass. Gianni needs both hands to spread the two granite globes to get to the pink, pucker prize buried deep inside. Gianni determines that there is sufficient lubricant on this cohort’s ass as he stands up and rams his mammoth cock deep into Cole’s sweet pink hole. Cole moans in deep pleasure as the colossal cock rips his ass wide open for its own pleasure. Gianni twists and turns to get better access and deeper penetrating thrusts that fill Cole’s ass like never before. Cole is then flipped onto his shoulders and we are treated to a magnificent view of that massive cock gliding in and out of the perfect muscular ass. The power of his position and the pleasure gripping his cock send Gianni over the edge as he showers down a cascade of cum all over Cole’s hot, exposed ass. Gianni shoves his cock back inside of Cole to plant the remainder of his seed inside of him. Cole is then instructed to suck Gianni’s cock clean and this sends Cole over the edge as he shoots his thick cream all over his massive thighs. Cole is then  instructed to return next with the money, or …


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