smutjunkies Hot Naked Men Corbin Fisher Amateur College Men

Studio: Corbin Fisher’s
Directed by: Corbin Fisher
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: U.S.A.


smutjunkies Hot Naked Men Corbin Fisher Amateur College Men

Aiden cums.
And cums again.
And again.
And again.

’nuff said, right? Oh, there’s more. Rising star Tom gets the honor of being the first to make Aiden fire off an insane four loads. I’m not quite sure what made it happen, and Aiden himself, while always open to trying new things and going for multiple loads, wasn’t sure.
   Certainly, Aiden admired Tom’s muscular body, big cock and handsome face. They 69 each other, Aiden sliding his massive cock down Tom’s throat as he swallows Tom’s dick. Tom rimmed Aiden, teasing his hole with his tongue and finger, making Aiden anxious to ride that cock.
   Once the buff bodybuilder started riding Tom, it was only a few moments before he shot his first load. Tom thrust up into Aiden, even as cum continues to leak out of Aiden’s cock.
   Aiden moves onto his hands and knees so Tom can fuck him doggy-style. Tom rams his dick back into Aiden’s ass. Before they know it, Aiden’s shooting his second load onto the bed!
   Tom doesn’t let up. He keeps pounding Aiden. They stand up, Aiden’s leg on the side of the bed. Tom fucks him from behind. Suddenly, Aiden strokes another load out!
   As cum drips onto the floor, the guys kiss. Tom strokes the last drops out of Aiden’s dick. Aiden moves onto the bed and Tom fucks him in the missionary position. Tom pulls out and blows hi pent-up laod on Aiden – who strokes out his fourth load!
   The guys head to the shower and talk about Aiden’s amazing load capacity and how great Tom was.
   I’m betting some of the other studs in the CF stable are rarin’ to get the chance to be the first one to make Aiden cum five times in one video. And I’m more than willing to give them a shot!

smutjunkies Hot Naked Men Corbin Fisher Amateur College Men

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