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William Higgins William Higgins

Studio: William Higgins’ Str8 Hell
Directed by: William Higgins & staff
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: Czech Republic

Borek Sokol
Filip Cervenka

William Higgins William Higgins

Newcomer Borek Sokol comes together with Filip Cervenka for this Airport Security scene. Filip has been apprehended at the airport and is taken by Borek into the security enclosure. Filip is handcuffed and Borek insists on knowing what is in his luggage. Filip refuses to show him, and so is locked in the cage. Then Borek decides that he should look in the bag himself. He finds some alcohol and a some sex toys, which Filip insists are gifts for friend and family. Borek checks Filip’s id and then decides to search him. On the pretence of checking his pockets Borek soon has Filip shackled outside the cage, and his shorts down. Wearing no underwear Filip’s cock and balls are available and Borek begins to wank on the dick. As he enjoys that Borek then leans forward and takes Filip’s cock in his mouth. He sucks on that cock, feeling it swell in his mouth. Then Filip is turned, so that his ass is on display and Borek inspects it, slipping a finger inside as well. He fingers that hole and then releases Filip who turns around, his cock nice and hard, and drops to his knees to open Borek’s pants. He then quickly gets to grips with Borek’s throbbing cock, wrapping his lips tight around it and sucking hard. He really sucks that cock well and keeps Borek so hard. Borek wants more and gets both of them completely naked, bending Filip over and shoving his dick deep in his ass. He fucks that hot hole as Filip moans with each thrust. As he fucks he reaches round and wanks on Filip’s hard cock. A change of position has Filip hanging in the air, legs up as Borek rams his cock in and out of that ass. He legs rest on Borek’s shoulders as his ass takes that throbbing cock. Then Borek sits and has Filip slide his ass over that big cock, and take a ride on it. Filip really works up and down on that cock, wanking himself as he rides it. Soon he is shooting his cum as his ass is filled with Borek’s cock. Then Filip kneels in front of Borek, sucking on his dick and then feeling his cum shoot over his face. Borek, having taken his pleasures the leaves Filip to reflect on the day’s events.


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