Michael Lucas Entertainment Alejandro Castillo Bogdan Gromov Derek Allan Drae Axtell James Castle Josh Rider Leo Forte Philip Zyos Raymer FORESKIN FANATICS

Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Directed by: Michael Lucas
Year of Production / Release: 2016
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Derek Allan
Drae Axtell
Alejandro Castillo
James Castle
Leo Forte
Bogdan Gromov
Josh Rider
Philip Zyos

The “FORESKIN FANATICS” are on the loose, and no uncut cock at Lucas Entertainment is safe! The uncut Latin studs Leo Forte, Derek Allan, and Raymer play with their cocks and holes in the great outdoors. James Castle and Alejandro Castillo aren’t afraid to nibble on each other’s foreskin during their hardcore fuck session. The handsome Philip Zyos makes his debut by fucking Josh Rider with his raw uncut meat. And Drae Axtell flip-fucks with Bogdan Gromov. The “FORESKIN FANATICS” are hungry and ready to eat!

Michael Lucas Entertainment FORESKIN FANATICS
SCENE 1: Leo Forte, Derek Allan, And Raymer’s Uncut Threesome

Lucas Entertainment exclusive model Derek Allan had his eye on both Leo Forte and Raymer while on set together in Mexico. Derek’s all about giving his cute little behind to guys with big dicks, and Leo and Raymer certainly aren’t lacking in cock size. The weather was incredible one day during production, so the team gave the guys a chance to fuck around in a nearby stream. Derek knows what his job is when there are two big dicks in need of servicing. At 12:30 Derek bounces on Raymer’s rock-hard uncut cock while sucking on Leo’s juicy foreskin. And at 13:50, roles are reversed — Derek does ass-to-mouth with Raymer’s cock while Leo throws Derek’s leg over his shoulder and shows his fans what he’s good at — pumping ass with his hard and raw uncut Latin cock!

Michael Lucas Entertainment FORESKIN FANATICS
SCENE 2: Drae Axtell Flip-Fucks With Bogdan Gromov

Drae Axtell is a Lucas Entertainment exclusive model known for his killer body and huge (fucking enormous, actually) cock and balls. Bogdan Gromov’s mouth watered when he saw the full package on set. Drae’s huge Puerto Rican dick barely fit in Bogdan’s ass when he got the smooth Russian twink on all fours for some bareback action. But once it was in he had no problem pumping for pleasure. It’s an awesome sight seeing Drae’s full balls bouncing against Bogdan’s cheeks at 12:12 And don’t count Bogdan Gromov out as a top: he flips Drae Axtell into several positions for a rough and bare ass fucking.

Michael Lucas Entertainment FORESKIN FANATICS
SCENE 3: James Castle Bottoms For Alejandro Castillo’s Big Uncut Cock

James Castle usually prefers to top in his sex life, but from time to time he gets the itch to feel a big, raw, and dick in his ass. One particular desire to take cock bareback came over James when he was hanging out with the sexually dominant Alejandro Castillo on set. Alejandro is already making a reputation for himself as a no-bullshit top, and that turns James Castle on big time. Before James gives over his ass to Alejandro’s needs, however, he sucks on the top’s uncut cock and doesn’t skimp on attention to the foreskin. James Castle’s incredible body is on full display at 18:00 when he takes a seat on Alejandro’s meat to ride the Latino while facing the camera. You’ll also get a chance to admire James’ rock-hard dick as he rides like there’s no tomorrow!

Michael Lucas Entertainment FORESKIN FANATICS
SCENE 4: Josh Rider Bottoms For Philip Zyos’ Big Uncut Dick

The beautiful Philip Zyos is sketching a picturesque landscape in the woods when Josh Rider spots him during a hike along the stream. Josh stops for some conversation with Philip, who eventually decides to sketch Josh’s lean muscular body. But the sketching quickly stops and the two move into a clearing where Josh shows Philip his real skills: those of servicing the needs of a handsome top. Josh uses his mouth on Philip’s big uncut cock, sucking the shaft long and sensually — all the while using his tongue to tease the foreskin. Josh’s ass is an object to desire, and Philip gets his chance to stick his raw cock deep inside. If you check out 13:40, the intensity between Philip Zyos and Josh Rider is palpable — Philip has a big uncut dick to give, and Josh is lusting to take every inch of it until climax.


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