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Falcon Studios ALL NIGHT LONG (JVP-071) Falcon Studios ALL NIGHT LONG (JVP-071) Falcon Studios ALL NIGHT LONG (JVP-071)
Studio: Falcon Studios / Jocks
Directed by: Lawrence David
Year of Release / Production: 1996
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Peter Bishop
Sean Dickson
Cory Evans
Jeff Hammond
Tony Idol
Brant James
Alex Kincaid

Non-Sexual Role:
Chris Green

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Tony Idol is pleased to serve…and sometimes, he serves to please! Brawny Brant James is the lucky guest serviced by muscular Tony, who strips and spreads his tight inviting hole for Brant. Tony can’t wait to get his mouth around Brant’s long fat cock. He sucks Brant’s rock hard dick and feels every inch slide down his eager throat. Brant shudders in pleasure as Tony slips an ice cube into his mouth before going down on that hot cock-tool. Like fire and ice, the strange erotic sensation of an ice cube melting in the velvety warmth of Tony’s mouth sends shivers up Brant’s spine. He grabs Tony’s head and buck his hips up into his mouth. Then Tony straddles Brant’s broad muscled back, plunging his tongue deep between Brant’s cleft asscheeks. Aroused, Brant slides his thick cock into Tony’s tight hole and fucks Tony with hard fast strokes, bouncing the stud on the bed as he rams him. Brant soon shoots a thick load onto Tony, who milks a last drop out of Brant’s cock before jetting his own cum all over his taut stomach.

Jeff Hammond and Sean Dickson are stroking themselves by the pool…who’ll make the first move? Thick hung Jeff Hammond walks over to hungry brunette Sean Dickson and feeds inch after rock-hard inch down Sean’s throat. Stretched out on the deckchairs poolside, Sean takes Jeff’s huge pole right down to the balls, feeling the thick cockmeat swell inside him as his own cock slides between the vinyl slats of the deckchair. Jeff places himself on Sean’s face, wriggling his meaty asscheeks around Sean’s eager wet tongue. Sean swirls his talented tongue aroound and around the puckered asslips, finally spearing Jeff’s hole with his probing tongue. Jeff and sean stroke their cocks in tandem as Jeff rides Sean’s face forcefully. On his back later, Sean grabs his feet and pulls his legs apart, allowing Jeff to slide easily and completely into Sean’s hole. Jeff pounds Sean over and over again until he blows his load onto Sean’s face, rubbing the sticky cum all over the young stud’s sex-flushed face. As he feels Jeff’s load run down his cheeks, Sean strokes himself to an amazing climax, his cum splattering everywhere.

Cory Evans always gives perfect service – instead of tips, he likes to get serviced back! Sexy blond Peter Bishop is the lucky customer this night. Cory serves up his thick tock to Peter by the pool, shoving his long thick prick into Peter’s hungry mouth. He face-feeds the blond stud inch after inch of his cock, but Peter has an appetitie for more than just cock…he licks and tongues Cory’s puckered hole letting Cory ride his face over and over again, rubbing his slick sexhole against Peter’s open slurping mouth. After fingering Peter’s hole with first one, then two fingers, Cory is ready to take care of another of Peter’s hungers – this time, with his hard dick up Peter’s tight cock-starved hole. First up against a palm tree, then squatting over Peter’s ripe upturned ass, Cory fucks Peter mercilessly. Peter’s whole body shakes with groans as Cory thrusts his long hard tool into Peter’s tight yet slippery ass. Finally, Cory shoves Peter’s face between the globes of his muscular ass and rides the blond’s face again as he shoots his load onto Peter’s chest.

Resort guest Alex Kincaid takes a three-way sex break with hunky employees Tony Idol and Cory Evans. Tony starts off in the middle with dark-haired, dark-eyed stud Alex licking his balls and sucking his cock. Alex soon moves up Tony’s muscular body, nibbling on the other man’s firm hard nipples. Soon Tony and Cory are sharing Alex’s ample dickmeat, deep-tonguing each other’s mouths with Alex’s glistening cock between them. Alex grabs both their heads and slides their spit-slicked lips slowly up and down his hard throbbing cock. The torrid threesome continues as the trio take turns eating ass, sucking cock and fingering tight puckered holes. Tony and Alex take turns getting fucked by Cory’s huge cock, all the while sucking each other’s stiff pricks. Finally, Tony squats on the concrete bench to take the huge “Long Dong” Sean Davis dildo up his ass. Cory and Alex sit on either side of him, watching wide-eyed as Tony takes every last inch of the huge dildo. As Tony’s asslips stretch wide to accommodate the six-inch-around monster, Cory and Alex shoot their loads.


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