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Studio: All Worlds
Directed by: Rick Tugger
Year of Production / Release: 2003
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Rod Barry
Brad Benton
Chris Bolt
Andy Dill
Deacon Frost
Zach Hunter
Paul Johnson
Phil Philips
Dillon Press
Jay Ross

Channel 1 / All Worlds members can watch this presentation online.
Re-Mastered and Re-Released to DVD.

When a gay beefcake movie company move to the respectable middle class suburbs, anything can happen! Neighbors mistakenly assume it’s their chance for stardom in a Hollywood movie, and the results are hot and hilarious!

The crew begins its shoot of a gladiator fuck flick with ROD BARRY having captured ZACH HUNTER and tied him to the columns. Director PAUL JOHNSON calls the shots and the guys flex their muscles in Roman costumes. The two wrestle with oiled bodies and the sex begins. Rod lip locks on Zach and manhandles the slave. Director Paul finds himself getting caught up in the steamy man action as Zach butt munches on Rod’s love pucker. Rod then offers up his uncut cock under his gladiator skirt and Zach deep throats the stiff prick. Rod then bends his slave over the chair and pounds his ass doggy style with Zach then moving on top of Rod and riding his dick. The men finish up with dumping gobs of man caviar.
   The ladies next door listen in on the production crew and get ideas of grandeur about being in the movies. But it’s back to work for our crew as we move outdoors and we see JAY ROSS as a shipwrecked, loincloth-wearing mate being saved by pirate CHRIS BOLT. ANDY DILL tells the director, Paul, how they can become rich without knowing that nosy, closeted neighbor DEACON FROST is peep watching the filming and strokes his cock. The doorbell rings and the Officer next door come over and announce his concerns for the neighborhood to Paul. Meanwhile, Chris and Jay go at each other in front of the camera as Andy watches and rubs his crotch. Jay’s pecker springs to life as he then goes down on Chris. Andy gets caught up in the hot man action and offers up his meat to the hungry cocksuckers. The three move into the pool and continue the oral action. Andy then plays with Jay’s smooth bottom and tongue dives into the sweet fuck hole. He then moves over and rims Chris’s tight man canal. Jay then lies on his back and receives Andy’s big dick and gets a butt slamming. Chris then becomes the man sandwich and gets it from behind from Andy as Jay offers his pecker to Chris’s mouth. Jay then lies over Chris, sitting his ass down on his face. Chris shoots his load with Andy still pounding away in his ass and Jay takes his place as Andy fucks his ass until he climaxes.
   Along comes DILLON PRESS and he catches the neighbor Mr. Frost jerking off as he watched the three-way. Dillon goes down on Deacon’s erection first, with Dillon enticing the nervous Mr. Frost to go down on him. Dillon then shoves Deacon’s face in his ass and has Mr. Frost eating out his butt. Deacon then has his butt rimmed before Dillon pushed his man wand up his neighbor’s virgin ass and pumping away before shooting his man cream on Deacon’s face.
   BRAD BENTON comes in from the ocean from hitting the surf and we see director Paul filming the young surfer stud. Used to getting attention, the horny young stud teases the director and wants his cock sucked. They move to the beach shack and Paul works Brad’s cock; balls and love pucker before stuffing his woody in Brad’s mouth. The two pull a 69 before Brad moves behind Paul and taste the director’s ass. Paul returns the favor and rims the young stud . Paul offers up his ass and Brad fucks the director followed by Brad taking a seat on Paul’s stiff man hood. Brad shoots his boy butter with Paul inside of him. Brad finger fucks the director to a climax.
   Back at the neighborhood, Annie Margaret listens in on the phone and hears about the filming. She hears of the location regarding the shoot and yells to her mom about the possibility of being in a movie. The last to hear the news is the Officer and makes plans to visit the set. We see a leather man and two sailors at a bar. Paul directs the action as the models are ordered to spank ass and play with the sailor’s love pucker. A double rim takes place before Dillon is called into action and goes down on the stiff cocks, before he gets a double sucking on his own rod. The neighbor cop, PHIL PHILIPS shows up and sees the man action. He tries to bust up the shoot but is mistaken for the porn actor that hasn’t shown up. The three manhandle the copper as he is forced fed stiff pricks before being rimed and sodomized by the porn boys. They get Phil up on the bar and Dillon Press sits on his face as Deacon sucks off his cock. Andy Dill then fucks the coppers ass then moves him to the doggy style and sticks it to him from behind, then giving Dillon a crack as the cop’s tight man hole. Phil takes a seat and milks Dillon’s man crank The officer then shots his man jiz with Dillon’s stiffy still up his ass as the other men shoot their man juices.

Lo and behold, the neighbor’s come in with a musical number and see the pile of naked men with their neighborhood cop on top. Clever, sexy fun that’s sure to become a classic!


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