AlphaMale Media OUT AT THE GYM

Studio: AlphaMale Media
Directed by: Maxwell B (Maxwell Barber)
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: Great Britain

Pedro Andreas
Rocco Banks
Myles Bentley
Antonio Cavalli
Ross Hurston
Daniel Marvin
Marco Salgueiro [Marcos Melo]
Danny Starr
Ben Statham

may not be in production:
Matt Darezzo

Gym-fit muscle bound hunks work up more than a sweat in this journey into relieving built up sexual frustration. These hairy, hot, tight-bodied men work their stiff dicks into waiting mouths and begging butts, pinned to the workbench for threesome fucking. This gym’s memberships are going to sky-rocket!

SCENE 1: Muscle-bound Gym Sex!!
Setting up his own gym, Rocco wants all the perks he can get, and after employing the handsome and hunky Ross, it’s not long before his sights are set on one impressive perk in particular. Clearing up after the long day, both men are horny as hell and soon get to work on each others throbbing hard dicks over the bench. Rocco’s tanned body drips with sweat as his thick meat is rammed into the begging Ross, opening up his well eaten hole, slamming it good and proper until both loads are unleashed over each other!!

SCENE 2: Ripped Stud Threesome!!
Pedro and Daniel from Out I the Office fame start to work on each others bulging muscles, getting each other rock hard and ready for action, just as Ross walks in, catching them both at their most horniest. Persuaded to join in the fun, he can’t resist these two hunks, quickly on his knees with both shafts thrusting into his mouth!! Worshipping his own cock and balls, both guys give it the sucking of a lifetime, Ross throbs harder than ever before, tasting every inch of their sweaty bodies. Ever the eager bottom lad, Ross gets Daniel working on that sweet ass, slowly stretching it with his fingers, ready for both studs to have a go on that hole. Pedro takes it fist, making way for Daniel’s awesome dick to slam away until Ross dumps buckets of spunk onto himself, joined by both top fuckers, drenching him as he wipes it up and eats the fresh jizz!!

SCENE 3: Young stud gets fucked hard!!
Taking his time to teach young Danny Star, Rocco decides it’s time to work out more than his chest, and dives onto his rock hard dick and smooth twitching hole, massaging it with his tongue, fingers and big dick!! Spending ages getting them both as horny as possible, Danny’s pinned against the A-Frame and subjected to a great ass pounding. We get perfect views of every position the ceaseless fuckers give us, watching the slick meat slide ever further, as the young bottom kid bounces atop, he can’t get enough of Rocco, as the streams of spunk literally fly from his rigid dick, covering the floor!!

SCENE 4: Hard boxers fuck harder!!
With Rocco filming from a distance, these two hairy boxers finish sparring, they can’t wait to grab each other closer and taste the sweat dripping down their hairy, tight bodies, huge dicks spring into action as they work their tongues along the bulging meat, ready for an almighty fucking on the gym mats. The top guy lets us in on the best close-up to date, literally feeling every inch slide in and out as it build them both up until their balls can’t take it any longer and explode upon the heaving, hairy bodies!!

SCENE 5: Wrestle fuckers!!
As soon as Myles pins his partner to the floor, the sexual energy is released and the cock sucking, body licking, ass fucking can begin!! Pulling open his hole, Myles sucks his dick as he lubes up his mates ass with spit, enjoying the taste of dick and ass!! Get ready for the ultimate fuck of the film, and it’s gonna blow your mind!!


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