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Studio: Pro Muscle Media /
Directed by:
Year of Production / Release: 2003
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Jake Stockman


For those of you who like your muscle men HAIRY and your videos REAL (rather than overly produced), this is for you! Our “Amateur Muscle Studs” debuts with Jake Stockman from down under, a stud with big pecs, a nasty mouth, hairy pits, and a butthole he just loves showing off. I just couldn’t let him go by, so we arranged for him to show you his stuff and blow some cum. Plus, there’s some “muscle outtakes” kind of footage here, as Jake talks to the cam while beating off…and to the off-camera video dude Craig while he’s tryin’ on his skimpy outfits.
   A HAIRY, hot, thick-biceped, big dicked, tasty “come eat my hole” stud!!

If you want fake models, stupid porno music and over-dubbed groans, this tape may be too real for you! This is Jake in REAL muscle footage on his own cam and one of our behind-the-scenes cams, starting with him trying on various gear for about 10 minutes, ranging from rugby and football shorts to jocks and tight tops, then moving to the roof to show off in tight white briefs, and finally taking it inside to beat off for 20 minutes on the couch and bed…showing his butthole, yanking his big dick, and talking nasty. Its awesome video quality, with shots that get you right up in his crotch, pits and hole!

JAKE STOCKMAN is a football player, bodybuilder and surfer (no kidding!) from the Gold Coast of Australia, and he’s been featured in a number of magazines and websites in recent months. NOW, we bring a whole different look at this furry muscle stud, COMPLETE with one of the most up-close, intimate JERKOFF sessions I’ve ever seen!

We started out with lots of Jake’s “gear”, since so many fans have been asking for more scenes showing dudes in various outfits. Its straight forward….he tries on various gear so you can get a taste of him in different looks. Jake has plenty, and he shows off his tasty bod in everything from football shorts to jockstraps and thongs. “Free balling is my favorite thing,” he says, as he pulls on the silk rugby shorts that show his big cock and balls dangling FREELY inside.
   But it’s not long before the clothes come off altogether, as we move to the beach for some frolicking and then catch some voyeur footage of Jake showing off on the roof for the neighbors and playing with himself while catching a tan.

It’s not often you find such a naturally hairy muscle stud…and for those of you who like the hairy guys…Jake is just right. He loves showing off his hairy pits, butthole, and abs…and oiling up those fuzzy thick dirty pillows we call pecs!!

Once he works us all into a frenzy…again…it’s time to start his jerkoff scene, but this isn’t like most. He was SO into beating off…and had stored up five days of jizz…so he took his good ol’ time and talks directly to YOU as he does it. I swear, you’ll be on your knees licking the TV set with some of these angles!! Closeup, so you’ll feel like you’re suckin his big dick, lickin the sweat off his balls and tonguing his hole when he spreads it and beckons you in.
   He has a good long j/o on the sofa, then retires to the bed so he can get on all fours and really show off his hole (BUNGHOLE LOVERS, take note…this is hot!). And he keeps up the personal talk as he beats that meat, slowly, gradually, adding a little more lube, his eyes rolling back, UNTIL HE EXPLODES in A GUSH OF CREAMY CUM that made us all want to just get down and lick his cock and abs.
   It’s gonna make you want to do the very same! Get your copy NOW!


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