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AMERICA'S NEXT HOT BOTTOM Alexander Gustavo Andrew Fitch Brett Summers Connor Kline Jayden Ellis Johnny Torque Riley Banks Shane Jacobs AMERICA'S NEXT HOT BOTTOM Alexander Gustavo Andrew Fitch Brett Summers Connor Kline Jayden Ellis Johnny Torque Riley Banks Shane Jacobs

Studio: Jet Set
Directed by: Chris Steele
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Riley Banks
Jayden Ellis
Andrew Fitch
Alexander Gustavo
Shane Jacobs
Connor Kline
Brett Summers / Brett Carter
Johnny Torque

New from Jet Set Men! A new Chris Steele XXX Gay Porn Parody starring Jet Set Exclusive Brett Summers! Don’t miss this awesome parody of the hit TV show only in this version the boys do more than just model their hot asses, they use their hot asses and hard cocks to entertain as well as compete in three challenges to determine which of them will become America’s Next Hot Bottom! Starring Brett Summers, Connor Kline, Johnny Torque, Alexander Gustavo, Riley Banks, Andrew Fitch, Jayden Ellis and Shane Jacobs with a special appearance by Rhea Litre! Download the ANHB Theme Song by Rhea Litre’ on iTunes Now!

SCENE 1: Connor Kline fucks Brett Summers
The show gets underway and the five contestants competing for the title of America’s Next Hot Bottom each put on a speedo and show off their ASS-ets on the runway for the judges. After the competition the guys talk about their experience in the show. Jet Set Exclusive Brett Summers reveals that he thinks judge Connor Kline, the Cycle 1 Winner, was too harsh on the guys and was an asshole. Brett confesses that Connor’s cocky attitude is what really turns him on and he reveals his innermost fantasy of what he would do where he alone with Connor in the studio. Brett starts off sucking every inch of Connor’s big thick cock. Connor returns the favor then quickly puts the tall blond stud flat on his back with his legs in the air so he can dive his tongue deep into his hot blond asshole. After a good tongue fucking Connor shoves his massive cock up Brett’s perfectly shaped round muscle ass giving the blond stud the fantasy he wants. Connor flips Brett over and pile drives him, then stands him up and fucks him and then flips him over on his back and both studs blow their hot creamy all-American loads. That’s one hell of a fantasy!

SCENE 2: Alexander Gustavo fucks Riley Banks
The second challenge the contestants face in the competition is the “Shaft Challenge” where each contestant must deliver their best commercial for the judges. After the contestants give it a while the Judges get up and show the boys how it’s done. In the confessionals bubble butt boy Riley Banks reveals that his secret fantasy is to have his hot bubble butt fucked by hunky judge Alexander Gustavo. The pair start off blowing each other with Riley taking all of Alexander’s big cock down his throat. What Alexander is really after is Riley’s big come fuck me ass so he flips Riley on his back, spreads his big cheeks to reveal his pink butthole and he dives in tongue first giving Riley’s ass the rim job it is begging for. Naturally Alexander doesn’t stop there. He shoves his thick cock into Riley’s perfect bubble butt and gives him a good long plowing till he can’t take it anymore and blows his load all over Riley. After Alexander blows his load Riley gets up on his knees and shoots a massive load across the studio finishing off with a splash.

SCENE 3: Jayden Ellis & Andrew Fitch fuck Brett Summers
The final competition is the SuperHero Challenge where all five contestants must show off their asses on the runway for the judges wearing their favorite SuperHero costume. Shane Jacobs stands out in his purple power-ranger outfit and Brett Summers shines as Captain America while Jayden Ellis dons the Green Hornet costume and Riley Banks is Robin. Andrew Fitch wears a blue outfit that the guys all say gave him a camel toe. During the confessionals Jayden Ellis reveals that he thinks Brett Summers has an amazing ass and as a bottom himself he would love to top him. He goes on to talk about what he would do if he had his way with both Andrew Fitch and Brett Summers. The trio starts off with three hard dicks and three hungry mouths. The trio can’t seem to get enough of each other’s cocks taking every inch they can and taking turns blowing each other. Jayden moves down and spreads Brett’s perfect blond ass cheeks apart and dives his tongue in deep setting the stage for the self professed bottom to take a turn at bat as a top. Both Jayden Ellis and Andrew Fitch take turns fucking Brett Summers repeatedly until all three line up and jack hot loads of of their dicks!

SCENE 4: Johnny Torque fucks Shane Jacobs
After all the competitions are over the winner is revealed. The guys all discuss their time on the show and how they feel about who won. Contestant and 20 year old newcomer Shane Jacobs reveals that he’s got the hots for Judge Johnny Torque. Shane walks us through his fantasy of how he would like to see it go down between him and studly Torque. Johnny pulls his hard cock out of his tight white underwear and offers it for Shane to suck. Naturally Shane drops to his knees and takes Johnny’s long thick perfectly straight cock down his throat savoring every inch. Johnny returns the favor briefly but what the tattooed muscle stud is really interested in is Shane’s 20 year old ass. Johnny bends Shane over the judges chairs and plows Shane good. Then Shane sits on Johnny’s cock and show off his bottoming skills of having his ass impaled by a thick hard shaft and riding it with his own thick raging hard cock. Shane enjoys riding Johnny’s cock by fucking his own ass harder and harder. The pair blow their loads and Johnny covers Shane in streams of thick hot white cum bringing the hot gay xxx parody to a close. Stay on and watch after the last scene for the full video of the America’s Next Hot Bottom Theme Song performed by Rhea Litre’!

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