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Andrea Suarez Brandon Jones Samuel Stone Cory Prince LAS VEGAS Brandon Jones Exposed Montreal Men Derek Thibeau

Studio: Jones Exposed
Directed by: Marko Lebeau, Brandon Jones
Year of Production / Release: 2016
Country of Production: Canada

Brandon Jones
Cory Prince
Samuel Stone
Andrea Suarez
Derek Thibeau


LAS VEGAS PART 1 Andrea Suarez Brandon Jones Samuel Stone Exposed Montreal Men LAS VEGAS - PART 1: Andrea Suarez, Brandon Jones, Samuel Stone
LAS VEGAS – PART 1: Andrea Suarez, Brandon Jones, Samuel Stone

Las Vegas, city of sin, luxury and new experiences… Brandon Jones had a special surprise for his man for their first night. Raising the bar of temptations he hired the services of one of the world most famous escort : Andrea Suarez. The 2 lovers waited impatiently on the bed as the latin stunner came in the room to service them one by one. The 3 boys kiss one another passionately and lick every inches of their uncut cocks. Foreskin lovers will be pleased with this scene. Samuel and Brandon then take really good care sucking and deepthroating the escort. Getting eaten from the front to the back Andrea cant get enough of them. Then getting him his man slowly brandon start fucking his love while he still sucking deeply. You can feel the intensity threw the screen…Samuel is then ready to take the pounding of his new friend riding him while brandon enjoy the beauty of his ass getting fucked hard. Samuel climax while getting pounded and then ask for what he love the most and its 2 hung boys covering his face with one cumshot that will stay in your memories for many jerk off to come… 

LAS VEGAS PART 2 Samuel Stone fucks Cory Prince Brandon Jones Exposed Montreal Men
LAS VEGAS – PART 2: Samuel Stone fucks Cory Prince

Brandon out for lunch with his friend left his lover samuel in bed to recover from their night partying in sin city! Also checking in the hotel was cute Spanish boy Cory Prince. Trying to get in his room faith have him tried the wrong door… Always horny when he wakes up samuel takes cory in like a lion attack his pray. The little prince goes down on his knees to lick slowly his uncut cock. The top then turn him around presenting us one of the most perfect butt in the porn industry. Licking it deeply he then enter his tight hole Without mercy. Either by the mirror or on the couch samuel stone shows us how a good top he can be. After a steamy hot pounding the 2 boys cum on each other but are then interrupted by a furious Brandon Jones. Things are not looking well for the young Cory…

LAS VEGAS - PART 3 Brandon Jones, Samuel Stone Exposed Montreal Men
LAS VEGAS – PART 3: Brandon Jones, Samuel Stone

Since Samuel went too far, Brandon had to finish the business and hide all traces of the murder of his boyfriend lover… They drive threw death valley to hide the body… In the heat of the moment the couple start kissing passionately in the in the desert. They rip off their clothes and Samuel starts sucking Brandon on the grave of Cory. Then knees in the dust he return the favour taking the uncut men in his mouth. Rushing before the sun came down the 2 boys start fucking hard and deeply cumming on each other. This vegas adventure was definitely high in emotions. Will the couple pass threw these intense tensions? Only time will tell us…

LAS VEGAS - PART 4 Derek fucks Brandon Jones Brandon Jones Exposed Montreal Men
LAS VEGAS – PART 4: Derek Thibeau fucks Brandon Jones

Wondering where was Mr.Jones while Samuel was fucking the cute Cory Prince? Vegas is a place of temptations and Brandon was looking for a real man… what better place to find one than in one of the most famous Stripclub in town. Not even 5 minutes in and he get mesmerized by the incredible body of Derek. His tattoos and hard pecs are just what he was looking for. Taking him in the back for a private dance the stallion start stipping slowly taking Brandon hands all over his body before taking off his underwear. A delicious suprise was waiting for him… a large 9 inch cock that the client take the time to wet with hi slips wrapped around it. Taking it till the end of his throat he cant get enough and ask for more. His hard dick pound him hard and rough making Brandon scream for more! He then sit on it to ride every inch of his man making sure he would remember it for a long time. Derek then fuck him till Brandon cum out of his hard pounding. Wanting more of this hot stripper he then get on his knees to receive all of Derek hot cum all over his face. Definitely a trip to be remember…

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