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Studio: Alexander Pictures
Directed by: Alexander
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: Brazil / Argentina / U.S.A.

Nur Aldin [Paul Alba]
Almahdi Hamaad [Israel Amezquita] Falan Kadin
Muzzafar [Tommy Lima]
Badi Alzaman [Hernan Medina] Samir Miyhar
Murad Muti
Rasul Ramadan
Saud Taju [Carlos Sanchez] Nabih Sirajh [Niko Tomiars]
Bayyhan Azhar [Miguel Torres] Al Tufail

Arabian Fantasy is another well orchestrated series of hot, hung men in a Middle Eastern setting going at it in all kinds of positions. Alexander Pictures has managed to find even more of the humpiest guys willing to pull out their meat and fuck and suck their brains out for us. Scene after scene of dudes from muscle studs to skinny twinks pour out of the imagination and reading of Nur Aldin in this fantasy come to life on video. You won’t be able keep your hands out of your pants, so don’t even try.
   We first see the beautiful Nur Aldin enter into his sitting room with is book. He’s got an amazing body with trim body hair that makes you want to tackle him. As he opens up a book and starts caressing himself for the camera we are transported into his fantasy world where we find a couple of horny daddies sitting back with a young twink. The twink, Badi Alzaman, is going to town on the big dick of Saud Taiu while Bayyhan Azhar sits back pulling on his own massive prick. Before long, though, Bayyhan makes his way over to the action and Badi as mouthing both guys at the same time. Then he bends over to suck Saud’s cock and Bayyhan takes the opportunity to play with his hole a little. You can tell by the sounds of his moans that Bayyhan is bigger than he is used to and watching that fat cock get forced into that little hole is enough to make you reach for the lube yourself. Once he gets going, though, it’s smooth sailing. These two daddies picked the perfect boy for a spit roast and the really enjoy his holes. While the whole scene is hot there is something especially erotic about Badi climbing up on Saud’s lap to take that cock in his ass while Bayyhan returns to his chair to watch and beat off. All three guys finish with creamy loads on the coffee table that they work into the wood with their dicks. Tasty way to polish the furniture!
   After another brief look at Nur enjoying himself and his reading we meet Murad Muti and Nabih Sirajh. After a bit of making out Nabih has his lips wrapped around Murad’s fat schlong. His dick’s almost as big around as his wrist and Nabih has some trouble getting it into his mouth. He does his best, though, and shortly after the boys strip down they both cum on their flat stomachs.
   Nur can’t seem to keep his hands off himself. When we cut back to him he’s dropping his pants and pulling on his boner. He’s one of the guys who clearly gets off being watched while he pleasures himself and takes a good long time with his dick. When the camera gets right up under his nuts, though, it makes you wonder how Alexander doesn’t just throw the video equipment down and grab Nur’s equipment for a little off the clock fun. Alas, though, Nur walks into a luxurious bathroom, lights some candles and gets himself ready by the tub. While we join Muzzafar and Rasul Ramadan laid back on a big bed in a tight liplock. After the boys exchange some head that moves into a 69, Muzzafar gets on his back for some ass licking, cock sucking and finger fucking. Rasul is working a couple of fingers up Muzzafar’s ass between licking it out like a hot cunt. When he gets up on his knees and starts fucking Muzzafar it’s hard and fast from the start. Muzzafar, of course, takes it like the world class bottom that he is. Not to be shown up, though, he gets Rasul on his knees, gives his hole a lick and climbs in to show that he can top with the best of them as well. Rasul is smiling and laughing the whole time. Seems he’d been waiting for this fuck for quite a while and he really enjoys the ride. These guys cum a bucket load on a glass top table. This shot will leave your mouth watering and when you hear Muzzafar’s cum hitting that glass you may lose your load!
   Nur is standing next to the bath tub when we return to find him pulling on his dick. He gets the water running and is clearly going to enjoy a hot bath. We wander off to find Falan Kadin and Samir Miyhar chatting on the couch and quickly moving towards a hot encounter. These slim studs both have full lips made for sucking dick and the quickly go to town showing off their natural gifts. When they enter into a sixty-nine on the couch you can’t help but wonder who’s going to be doing the fucking. It’s a pleasant surprise to see that it is another versatile couple. Samir, though, impresses by maintaining an impressive erection the whole time he is fucking himself on Falan’s dick. Falan’s balls pull up tight from the stroking he’s getting from Samir’s hole, too. When Samir’s taken all he can he stands up and creams Falan’s chest before Falan makes his own mess on his stomach.
   Nur has finally made his way into that bubble bath. He’s only got his legs in and he’s fisting that dick like he means it but then slides to the bottom of the tub to relax in the hot water and the foam. We go from his seductive lip licking and cock rubbing to find a beefy trio sitting back and rubbing on their cocks. Almahdi Hannad, Al Tufail and Imad Aldin all have been hitting the gym and it seems to have built up their fuck muscles as well. It’s a short chat before the cock sucking starts. All three guys are sporting a nice piece between their legs. Almahdi is one of those guys whose dick stands tight up against his abs when it’s hard and it looks delicious. While a good rim job is hot to watch regardless, when Imad squats down over Almahdi’s face to get eaten out it made my prick leak. This is another example of Alexander using voyeurism in a scene to great effect. Almahdi laying back and pulling his foreskin back and forth over his dick head while Al Tufail stretches Imad’s hole out is tremendously erotic. It’s not enough, though. After a marathon fuck from Al, Imad stays put and lets Almahdi slide in for a few slow strokes before really going to town. He’s a willing partner, though, and when Imad takes a seat he sits right down on his lap. He rides Imad’s cock until he squirts a big load all over the floor. The other guys follow suit and cream themselves with a couple of healthy shots.
   All of this has been too much for Nur. He pulls on his meat a little more before getting up on the edge of the tub and squirting his load right onto the lens. Alexander and that camera get themselves into some great spots!
   The combination of good looking, big dicked guys in this movie is on par with everything that Alexander Pictures is producing. The combination of exhibitionism and voyeurism mixed into scenes of hot fucking, sucking, and cum shooting is enough to work a few loads out of your tanks. The more I watch these movies the more I think I need to take a class in photography. Happy wanking!


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