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Studio: Alexander Pictures
Directed by: Alexander
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: Brazil / Argentina / U.S.A.

Thamir Aldin
Israel Amezquita
Hannad Hadi
Hakem Khaled
Hadad Khali
Ghazi Khalij
Muzzafar [Tommy Lima]
Al Mazhar
Alfonso Rosas
Mazhari Shain
Imad Aldin [Martin Soto / Bruno Bordas]
Manuel Lozano [Pablo Thomas]
Miguel Torres

The first film closed just as the guys were taking things to the next level in the sitting room. After the guys take turns swapping blowjobs, Manuel Lozano turns his full attention to the fuck-ready meat of Bayyhan Azhar. As expected, Bayyhan can’t keep his fingers or his cock out of the assholes that surround him. He throws Manuel a fuck he won’t soon forget as Imad Aldin, Almahdi Hamaad and Muzzafar lay back and stroke each other’s cocks enjoying the show. Muzzafar, though, can’t sit back for long. The moans of Manuel make it too clear that Bayyhan’s a top not meant to be ignored. Bayyhan pulls out of Manuel and sits back to allow Muzzafar to wrap his tight ass around that massive meat. After some more cock juggling Imad takes a seat on Almahdi’s thick sausage before turning him around and taking a turn as top. The loud fuck sounds as Imad tries to drive his whole body into Almahdi will make you turn up the volume. It’s eventually too much and Manuel kneels down to become the open mouthed point man for a hot circle jerk. One by one the guys squirt on Manuel’s chest, face, and tongue before passing out around the room to return to their musings. All these fuckers laying around makes me want to be the housekeeper arriving early to work.

As the guys drift off into their post-coital sleep we slide into the mind of Almahdi Hamaad. He’s dreaming of a hot coupling between Mazhari Shain and Al Mazhar. This fantasy scene is only made hotter when Umarahi happens into the room and starts watching and eventually joins these hot boys in their games. When Umarahi strips down and reveals hit tight muscles and veiny cock you know he’s going to pound some ass. As it turns out, Al Mazhar bends over for both of his horny friends. He should consider himself lucky to have been warmed up by Mazhari before Umarahi climbs on his back like depraved dog mounting his first bitch. The studs use their cum to polish a wooden table to end this hot threesome. Being the housekeeper here really would be a great job!

Back into the mind of Bayyhan Azhar we discover he’s thinking about the ass of the thick chested Muzzafar. Hakem Khaled from the first Arabian Playhouse film is eagerly groping and licking Muzzafar before they toke on the ubiquitous hookah. These guys share a great make makeout scene before Hakem’s southerly pointing prick finds a home in Muzzafar’s welcoming throat and muscle-butt. It’s another groan filled fuck as Hakem lifts Muzzafar’s hairy legs and burys his cock to the hilt in that sweet ass. Muzzafar then switches to his preferred position and sits down on Hakem’s lap. Muzzafar’s meat is flopping up and down out of control as he takes a pony ride on Hakem’s tumescent member. Wish I’d been there to hold it for him. Hakem shoots his thick ropes all over Muzzafar’s hot pecs and Muzzafar himself quickly follows suit with a creamy load of his own.

A snoozing Imad Aldin leads us to another hot coupling. This time it’s between Ghazi Khalij and Hadad Khali. As the scene opens up, though, we realize that a crotch rubbing Thamir Aldin is sitting nearby enjoying the show we thought was just for us. Before long Aldin is right where we want to be. Where to apply for that job is the real question! Ghazi slides smoothly too his knees and shows off his cocksucking skills on the hairy chested Thamir and tightly abdominaled Hadad. Thamir takes his turn on his knees and uses his tongue to prep the furry hole of Ghazi. Ghazi is then spit roasted between the two tops. After Thamir finishes bouncing his balls off Ghazi’s butt cheeks, Hadad sits back and presents his even bigger prick for some action. Hadad slides right down it but you can tell by his facial expression that it is no easy task. Hadad gives Ghazi a long hard fuck before joining Thamir in shooting all over the hot bottom’s chest. Ghazi shows them both up when he unloads a huge nut all over himself that had my tongue wagging.

Seeing Hannad Hadi’s thick cock up his kifaya as he watches Hisham Abdul descend the stairs is a tremendously erotic moment. We are enjoying this view through the mind’s eye of the now well-fucked Muzzafar. Hisham can’t stay off his knees when confronted with the impressive meat Hannad has standing between his legs and who could blame him? Once he’s given that knob a good polishing he lifts off his own kifaya to reveal a beautiful body and a well-rounded ass. Hannad gives him a good pounding before that huge gourd from the last film makes its way into Hisham’s hole. Hisham cums with Hannad’s fat shaft in his mouth and Hannad isn’t far behind with his own squirt. Would have loved to cook that squash up for dinner!

Returning to the here and now we find Manuel Lozano awakening in a bit of a daze on the floor of the sitting room. He slides his clothes over his cum-soaked body before offering a gentle touch of benediction to each of his dessert hosts. As he leaves the house and wanders through the abandoned streets of the city you can’t help but wonder where next he’ll venture out of his clothes and into the hot fuckfest Alexander Pictures has become known for. If asked I bet any one of us would follow him around just to report on it!



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