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All Worlds TUNE UP All Worlds Arpad Miklos Tag Adams Gil Cortez Owen Hawk Andrew Rubio Michael Brandon Alex Leon TUNE UP All Worlds TUNE UP

Studio: All Worlds
Directed by: Doug Jeffries
Year of Production / Release: 2004
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Tag Adams
Michael Brandon
Gil Cortez
Dallas Foster
Owen Hawk
Alex Leon
Arpad Miklos
Patrick O’Conner
Andrew Rubio
Nick Savage

Channel 1 / All Worlds members can watch this presentation online.
Re-Mastered and Re-Released to DVD.

Gentlemen… start your engines! The revved up hunks of Tune Up are raring to go and won’t stop until they get to the finish line.

And that finish line is total man sex satisfaction.
   Couch potato Toby O’Connor gets read out by his girlfriend Kylie Ireland about the rent being three weeks late. He gets off his lazy butt and gets a job at the local garage where Kylie’s friend, Gil Cortez, works. He notices that the boss wants to get into his pants and how friendly all the guys are with each other, which leaves him a little unnerved.
   He comes home and finds his girlfriend chatting away with Gil. She splits the scene and Toby asks Gil to “teach him what he knows.” The two start off smooching and nipple licking before Toby finds himself with Gil’s hard dick in his mouth. He laps up his low hanging man sack. Gil shoves his ass in Toby’s face for a butt wash. Toby chows down on Gil’s butt hole, nuts and stiff prick. Gil then stuffs Toby’s dick down his throat and finger fucks his buddy. Getting into position, Gil slams Toby’s ass doggy style. Gil gets the hungry pig bottom up on a weight bench and continues to fuck him, but this time with Toby’s legs rolled over his head. Gil pulls out and dumps his boy butter on the bottom as Toby shoots his load.
   Back at the garage, the guys are taking a break and playing. Tag Adams is unhappy with newcomer Toby. He and Michael Brandon exchange tough talk, as Tag wants to remain the “main slut” of the garage. The action cuts to a four-way already taking action as Tag gags on Michael’s 10-inch cock, choking the big man meat all the way down. Alex and Owen Hawk take turn assaulting Tag greedy mouth. Tag works his mouth wide between the three hard pricks and shaved man sacks. Hunky and hairy Arpad Miklos, the boss man, watches his workers in action through his office window. He strips and jerks his dick as he watches the four men getting it on.
   Tag eats Owen’s ass as Michael and Alex pull a 69. Michael reaches up and finger-fucks Tag’s fuck hole, while Tag continue licking Owen’s butt. Tag gets bent over a stack of tires and Owen is first to take a stab at his ass with his cock. Michael goes next and stuffs his 10-inch rock hard dick up Tag’s butt and slams it home. The three rotate and take turns getting dick relief from Tag’s butt hole. The three then spray their man caviar on the hungry bottom’s hairy chest and then (in the Uncensored Version) wash it off with piss.
   Toby gets called into Arpad’s office and gets a scolding about his job performance. Later, Nick Savage delivers a package to Arpad, who is now working on an engine. He believes that Nick needs to learn a lesson for being late and has him work his mouth down the hairy man’s body and stopping at his hard man meat. Arpad plays with Nick’s nipples while he’s getting a blowjob. Arpad drops to his knees and slurps on Nick’s dick before turning him around and spreading his ass cheeks for a tongue dive. Arpad plugs up Nick’s love canal and fucks the deliveryman’s ass doggy style, before turning the bottom on his side for deeper penetration.
   Nick then hangs on a bar and sits down on Arpad’s boner and continues to milk the cock with his asshole. Arpad has Nick open the delivered package and pulls out a big, black dildo. Nick slowly mounts the sex toy with moans of pleasure. He then dismounts and he licks the sex toy while Arpad strokes off to a creamy climax, dripping on the dildo. Nick then finishes up by sitting on another dildo and spurting his jizz.
   Andrew Rubio is cleaning the floors of the bathroom stalls. He chats with Dallas Foster and Toby before the two move to either side of the wall and stick their stiff cocks through the glory holes. The two men come out from behind the walls and give Andrew their dicks as they strip. Toby and Dallas drop to their knees and pull Andrew’s cock out and suck on the erection and balls. Andrew and Dallas turn around and Toby rims both manholes and sucks both cocks. As Dallas gets on the sink counter, Toby fucks his butt and Andrew sucks on the bottom’s pecker. The horny guys get into a three-way fuck next, as the three pump butt holes and shoot their loads.

Tune Up is filled with sweaty and greasy blue-collar sex!”


Channel 1 / All Worlds members can watch this presentation online.
Re-Mastered and Re-Released to DVD.

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