Studio: Falcon Studios
Directed by: John Bruno
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Ty Colt
Rod Daily
Leo Giamani
T.J. Hawke
Erik Leo
Dominic Pacifico
Ryan Raz
Erik Rhodes
Diesel Washington

All bedlam breaks loose when Erik Rhodes gets caught in the mousetrap called the ASYLUM.
   Exposing the truth about the ASYLUM could be the biggest story of his career, so news reporter Erik Rhodes goes undercover to find out — first-hand — what’s going on behind the curtain. His intention is to destroy the madness, but will the quest be more than he can handle?

Smuggled into the “Asylum” by Leo Giamani, undercover reporter Erik Rhodes is ready to dive into his investigation. But he hits a roadblock when the sexed-up janitor demands more than money to grease his palms; the risk he took sneaking Erik in dictates more compensation. Whether he wants to silence the hunky handyman or because he can’t pass up the opportunity to go mano-a-mano with him, the intrepid reporter gives in. He begins to erase his debt by gobbling up Leo’s cock with gusto. This quickly evolves into an intense sexual exercise with both men trading off topping and bottoming because Erik is the total pro who will go to any lengths to get to the bottom of the mystery … and the man.

Camera in hand, Erik sneaks down the decrepit hallways and past the feline sentrys to find the treatment center he’s heard about. TJ Hawke is administering to Dominic Pacifico. The patient appears unconscious as he lays on the bed, his legs up in stirrups and a series of tubes inserted into his anus, fueling his asshole with a concoction of fluids. As part of the treatment, Dr. Hawke attempts to resuscitate Dominic by sucking on his uncut cock. The patient responds well to the oral attention. Then the medic removes the anal feeding lines to digitally probe the puckered asshole, inserting one finger, then two. Dominic is revived and starts sucking TJ’s meaty thermometer. Then he willingly submits to the doc’s pole in his hole. The physician fucks his grateful patient every which way until they both finally cum, injecting the air with spasms of manjuice.

Erik continues his quest for more evidence of shocking behavior. He spies Diesel Washington toting a large bag of dildos and follows the security guard as he enters an isolated cell housing one of the more depraved residents of the asylum. Ryan Raz is chained to the wall, naked and wide-eyed. Diesel knows what will trigger the inmate’s crazy libido. He empties the bag and douses Ryan in a dildo shower. The madman is out of control stuffing as many toys possible into his holes. The guard further taunts him by pulling out his big black cock. Ryan excitedly devours the chocolate stick, stretching his lips and mouth wide open to accommodate its enormous girth. Both men surrender to their manlust. Diesel locks Ryan in an embrace and fucks him hard. Ryan is soon down on his back, then on all fours, getting plugged and moaning like a loon. Diesel stands back to beat his meat, then rains cum down on Ryan who follows with his own burst of spooge.

Erik hits the mother lode when he discovers the records room, its shelves pregnant with files of incriminating evidence. More interesting, he catches Ty Colt, one of the deviant doctors masturbating over some of the heinous documents. But it’s lights out as Erik is knocked unconscious. When he comes to, he’s muzzled and bound in a straightjacket. He begins to freak out as the crazed scientist and his assistant, Rod Daily, subject their human guinea pig to experimentation. With probes attached all over his crotch, they shock Erik into blind submission. The therapy proves successful with the patient subdued, submissive and sporting a raging hard-on. Ty and Rod take advantage of their victim’s vulnerability and subject him to a two-on-one assault – intense sucking and fucking, plus a double punching of Erik’s asshole with Rod’s hard rod and a wicked nightstick. Finally reaching their breaking point, the three men climax one by one.

FALCON PRESS RELEASE, December 15th, 2008:
Question: What does John Bruno’s freshly wrapped Falcon film “Asylum” have in common with Howard Hughes, the hit TV show ER, the pop-rock bands Garbage, Duran Duran and the Schwarzenegger film “End of Days?”  A: For various reasons they have all utilized the ultra-creepy and reportedly haunted Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles, CA.
   Ever since laying eyes on the infamous hospital about 4 years ago Bruno has been intently and persistently campaigning Falcon to let him make “Asylum.” With a long overdue ‘O.K.’ from the studio and some creative input from Falcon Exclusive Erik Rhodes, Bruno put finishing touches on the film that almost 3 weeks after wrapping he’s still riding high on. Bruno commented, “This is a film that I’ve been motivated to make solely on how incredible the location is. I’ve toured, toured and re-toured the hospital periodically over the last four years and could not get it out of my head. I had to shoot there. This isn’t going to be your typical Falcon production, it’s going to be really dark and nasty – it’ll show a side of Falcon we haven’t seen in a while.”
   All four scenes of “Asylum” were shot in the hospital with Bruno utilizing the location to maximum effect. Bruno continued, “I didn’t even want to leave out the morgue so I found a way to get Erik Rhodes ‘on the slab’ – his scene with Leo Giamani is one of the best I’ve directed him in. Once inside the hospital the entire cast of this movie became possessed by the surroundings – their performances are incredible.”
   Falcon Exclusive Erik Rhodes took one look at photos of the hospital and knew immediately he wanted to participate in the film but not just as a performer. Rhodes commented, “That hospital was fuckin’ creepy as hell – my ideal set! John allowed me to make some creative suggestions on the scenes I didn’t appear in and gave me some great feedback. I got bit by the directing bug on this movie so I took a lot of notes and am getting my ass in gear to hopefully direct some day soon.” Rhodes also appears in a second three-way scene starring Rod Daily and superstar in the making Ty Colt, who makes his film debut in “Asylum”.


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