Falcon Studios BAD BEHAVIOR (FVP-132) Falcon Studios BAD BEHAVIOR (FVP-132) Falcon Studios BAD BEHAVIOR (FVP-132)
Studio: Falcon Studios
Directed by: John Rutherford
Year of Release / Production: 2000
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Kristian Alvarez
Nino Bacci
Sam Crockett
Marcus Iron
Jeremy Jordan
Chad Kennedy
Scott Matthews
Gage Michaels
Addison Scott
Enrico Vega
Nick Young

Preaching the gospel prepared these unsuspecting missionaries to fall down on their knees and do more than pray! Ever wondered what would happen if two cute Bible-thumper boys were to knock on the door of a hot leather daddy? Wonder no more and watch the loss of innocence and their descent into a dark world of sin and pleasure that like-minded lust-crazed men inhabit. These nasty studs shuck their inhibitions and suck every cock, probe every hole, and pound every ass until all are drenched with sweat, cum, and sin.
Starring Falcon Superstar Marcus Iron, Falcon Exclusives Jeremy Jordan and Addison Scott; featuring Kristian Alvarez, Gage Michaels, Caesar, Spike, Nino Bacci, Scott Matthews, Chad Kennedy, Nick Young, Enrico Vega, and Sam Crockett.

Marcus Iron and Chad Kennedy embark on their journey to preach to the sinners when they come upon the home of Addison Scott, who responds to their missionary message with some nasty talk before pulling them into his world of sin. Down in his dungeon Iron is locked in a wooden stock and forced to watch the hunky Caesar finger his hole in a sling, while Kennedy is taken away and forced to submit to the sexual pleasures of his captor along with Enrico Vega, Spike, Scott Matthews, Nick Young, and Kristian Alvarez. Together the seven men suck and rim into a frenzy until poor Kennedy is impaled by Spike’s 10” tool which unleashes his inner demon and he voraciously takes cock in both ends and grunts for more. And he gets it… the studs line up to ram him in a gang bang so hard he won’t sit down for a week, and finally baptize him with their hot and holy spunk.

Marcus Iron is forced to watch as nasty-talking Addison Scott rams a dildo up Caesar’s ass. Iron is finally released from his bondage so that he can get into the action. Iron rams his dick up Caesar’s ass and gets fucked by Scott at the same time. Then it’s time for more toys as Scott makes the other two get on all fours to take a double-ended dildo up their tight butts before the three shoot their loads all over the floor.

Super-cute bottom-boy Jeremy Jordan sucks on Nino Bacci’s thick uncut tool while getting fingered on a pool table. Addison Scott walks in and gives directions as the other two suck, rim, and swap spit. Bacci finally shoves his cock up Jordan’s ass and pounds him deep and hard before the two explode in a wet sticky mess.

Gage Michaels and Sam Crockett are missionaries who come upon the door of Marcus Iron as our story comes full circle. Before they can even begin their preaching Iron pulls them inside and the three get naked. The three of them wrestle around on the bed, stroking, sucking, and rimming until finally it’s Michaels’ in the middle getting plugged from both ends. Then it’s Iron’s turn as he gives up his ass for Crockett as he sixty-nines with Michaels. Finally, Michaels takes Iron’s dick up his hole while he sucks Crockett’s big cock, ending in an explosion of cum all over Crockett’s chest and Michaels’ ass.


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