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Smutjunkies Bait Buddies - Gay Men get a str8 guy fucked Archer Hart Anthony Price

Studio: Bait Buddies
Directed by: Gio Caruso
Year of Production / Release: 2014
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Bait: Anthony Price
Straight: Archer [Archer Hart]

Smutjunkies Bait Buddies - Gay Men get a str8 guy fucked


“Experiment Gone Wild”

We welcomed back our ‘straight’ bait boy, Anthony, whose last appearance on was over 3 years ago. He basically left the porn business for a while and has been working construction, as he says “I’m good with my hands” – and we agree – in more than one way. Last time he was here we saw him get fucked for the very first time. He’s definitely a sex slut – he says “if it gets my nut off, I’m gonna do it”. He has a fairly long time girlfriend who knows he does gay4porn and although not thrilled, she accepts it. Anthony considers himself straight, but doesn’t deny he likes gay sex. That’s why it isn’t difficult for him to talk about it, even to his best friend Archer. Archer is 18 years old, a few years younger than Anthony – as a matter of fact Anthony was long time buddies with Archer’s older brother Ethan. When Ethan went off to college, Anthony took Archer under his wing and became a surrogate big brother and best buddy to the teen. Archer is as they say “cute as a button”, he’s young, adorable with a perfectly proportioned, fit, muscular body and a big, thick 7″ cock. He’s also has a girlfriend and says he’s been fucking pussy since he’s 14 year old, but has always been curious about having a sex with a dude. He says that he’s never done anything with a guy – the closest he came was in middle school when his buddy taught him how to jack off. So, when Anthony approached Archer about doing porn and having sex with him, he jumped at the opportunity. Anthony recently called us about doing this buddy ‘experiment’ on camera for cash (the money is always the motivator to do porn) and Caruso set it up immediately – especially after he got the email with Archer’s photos. With both boys in the studio, Caruso asks a few questions and then lets the guys go for it. Both dudes are horny and anxious and can’t seem to get their clothes off fast enough. Anthony is soon down on his knees with his buddy’s big, floppy cock in his mouth, hungrily sucking it as it rapidly grows to it’s full, thick 7 inches. Both boys then stand up and rub their dicks together and we see a short kiss, but Caruso encourages them to kiss some more and they really let themselves go – the camera shows plenty of detail as their lusting tongues enter each others mouths. It’s now Archer’s turn to suck his friend’s cock. There’s little reluctance on the 18 year old’s part, he just goes for it and does it very well. It’s easier to do a good job when you actually like what you’re doing and we’re thinking that Archer is totally digging gay sex. It’s on to fucking and Anthony, who has some experiencing taking cock in his hot little butt, is up first. Even though it’s not his first time, Archer’s thick piece of meat is a bit much for him and there’s definitely some discomfort before the pleasure barrier is broken and the moaning transitions from agony to ecstasy. Archer is really into fucking his bud’s hole. He later tells Caruso that guys are much tighter than girls. Tables are turned and it’s time for Archer to get fucked. Our cutie gets on his back and Anthony grabs the boys legs as positions his cock at the entrance to his friend’s virgin hole and slowly pushes it in. There’s a few gasps from Archer, but it only takes a minute before he’s saying “I didn’t think it would feel this good”. Upon hearing this, Anthony fucks away, just as he would if it was his girlfriend, and Archer is loving it. Before long Anthony announces that he’s going to cum. He pulls out and both boys start jacking off. Anthony cums first squirting his stuff all over Archer’s belly and torso which triggers the teen to shoot his load. Archer jacks his cock so frantically that it splatters all over Anthony’s belly as he leans over the boy. With the shoot over, Caruso says “this is an experiment gone well” to which Anthony quickly replies “an experiment gone wild!”.

Smutjunkies Bait Buddies - Gay Men get a str8 guy fucked


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