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AlphaMale Media Ashley Ryder UK Gay porn Rich Kelly Dolan Wolf Pedro Lucas Alfie Stone Bruno Fox AlphaMale Media Ashley Ryder UK Gay porn Rich Kelly Dolan Wolf Pedro Lucas Alfie Stone Bruno Fox

Studio: AlphaMale Media
Directed by: Ashley Ryder
Year of Production / Release: 2014
Country of Production: Great Britain

Bruno Fox
Rich Kelly
Pedro Lucas
Alfie Stone
Dolan Wolf


SCENE 1: Rich Kelly, Dolan Wolf
Rich Kelly, with his full beard and furry chest, the perfect top to get to work on your ass! Dolan Wolf can’t resist and opens the scene slurping on Rich’s fully erect slab of meat. Pushing his bottom man’s head down into his lap, Dolan nearly loses breath on this hard and fast throat fucking, but keeps on going back for more, just as we all know he would! Flipping his man around, Rich takes his pleasure on Dolan’s hairy fuzzy ass, spitting and licking his puckering hole, making it ready for the firm fucking he’s about to give! Dolan’s face is a picture of hunger as Rich’s beard tickles that ass and then flips him once more, getting penetrated right there on the sofa, Rich working up a slippy sweat over his conquest, both hairy hunks building to a cum soaked finale, Dolan wanked off until he shoots and Rich completing the climax as his own load joins Dolan’s furry ass.

SCENE 2: Pedro Lucas, Alfie Stone
Opening up to new hunks Alfie and Pedro getting down and dirty with each other. Pedro, the Latino looking bottom boy looking perfect in red socks and jockstrap and obviously just what Alfie is after. The tattooed top sports an amazing thick dick, long and perfectly formed, especially when Pedro is throat-deep on it! Holding Pedro in place as he fucks him hard, the spit dribbles down Alfie’s throbbing shaft making it even easier to get balls deep inside Pedro. Pinned down and ass in the air, it a pure muscle fest as Alfie flexes and thrusts deep into that peachy ass, holding the legs apart and giving us a view we could only dream about before. The sight of these muscle men fucking like demons and shooting like shotguns will leave you exhausted and fully sated, at least for now!

SCENE 3: Rich Kelly
Posing and flexing for us, young muscle pup Rich shows off his growing muscles and big hairy legs, looking awesome next to a very full package in his tighty whiteys! His super furry chest and pits are stroked as he works his way down to his ever increasing bulge, his hairy legs joining to a fuzzy mound from where his dick springs forth, that cut cock being nicely massaged to full force right in front of our eyes! Moving his attention from his dick to his ass, Rich fingers, rubs and slaps his hole and then reaches for a dildo as thick as your wrist. Surely he can’t take something that thick, but we’d be wrong! Working it back and forth inside of him, his hairy butt clings to the dildo as Rich gets faster with it, the groans escaping this horny man getting louder and louder until he shoots his load, dildo still in place!

SCENE 4: Bruno Fox, Dolan Wolf
Who would live without a muscle worship? Certainly not Dolan as he looks and touches adoringly at Bruno’s trimmed hairy chest and bulging biceps, looking up at his thick dicked master, his mouth wide open and soon to be filled with all of Bruno’s meat! Holding himself up, Dolan lets his mouth and throat relax so he takes every last inch, much to Bruno’s liking! Presenting himself to his top fucker, Bruno is after a hard fucking, and Bruno laps at his hole in great anticipation, soon replaced by that famed dick, fucking his slave down into the sofa, holding him down by the arch of his back and back of the neck, there’s nowhere for Dolan to move, and nowhere he’d want to go anyhow! Raising his ass so we see the full depth of the fucking, it truly is balls deep over ad over, from tip to hilt until even the top can’t take it anymore and dumps his full load over Dolan’s back, leaving him soaked in muscle spunk!

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