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Studio: Alexander Pictures
Directed by: Alexander
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: Brazil / Argentina / U.S.A.

Pedro Blanca
Oscar Blanco
Armando Campos
Gregorio Guerrero
Omar Juarez
Tommy Lima
David Machado
Heriberto Ponce
Alfonso Rosas
Carlos Sanchez
Martin Soto
Manuel Lozano [Pablo Thomas]

Scene One:
We follow the boner inspiring Tommy Lima into the bathhouse. He hasn’t even gotten his coat off when he comes upon the well-muscled Armando Campos getting a head job from David Machado. Tommy keeps an eye on the action as he slowly gets undressed. David and Armando’s suck session seems to get super charged at the prospect of being watched. Like good exhibitionists they give plenty attention to Tommy’s watching as he rubs his dick and slides a vibrator down the front of his boxer-briefs. David licks Armando’s prick for a while and then turns his ass up for a reaming. Armando plays with David’s smooth butt so that Tommy can really enjoy the show before he forces his hard cock inside the hot twink. Armando leaves a hot load all over one of the locker’s in the dressing room and gets his ass painted by David before Tommy continues on his bathhouse adventures. Wish I could have been there to help Armando clean that load off his hard ass. Wouldn’t mind bruising my forehead on his hot six-pack, either.

Scene Two:
A few more steps into the place and our voyeuristic Tommy Lima finds the dark and beefy Heriberto Ponce and the tightly muscled Oscar Blanco kissing and groping in the steam room. Heriberto leans back as Oscar starts licking around his crotch but not for long. Oscar seems to enjoy showing off his hot body to a masturbating Heriberto. Tommy’s clearly enjoying the show as well. Heriberto climbs down from the tile bench to get some more attention from Oscar’s full lips. Tommy takes a seat and, again, we realize we have a couple of hard-core show offs. Heriberto drives his fat sausage up Oscar’s ready hole from all angles before both guys unload on Heriberto’s muscled abs. The more I watch Alexander Pictures releases the more I wish I knew how to run a camera or mic or lights or anything that would get me a live view of all these hot studs.

Scene Three: Pedro Blanca and Omar Juarez DP Martin Soto
Tommy is still edging up that beautiful cock of his as he steps into the showers. His eyes are immediately glued to the shapely asses in the stalls near him. Omar Juarez and Martin Soto have their tongues down each other’s throats as a beefy Pedro Blanca peeks around the corner from the next stall. As if those three weren’t enough, Tommy is washing his ass so well that it looks like he might start finger fucking himself. He’s enjoying his own tight fuck-hole as Omar shoves his tongue up Martin’s bubble butt. Omar really pulls those cheeks apart to get full access to that sweet pucker before Martin gets down to do a little payback on Omar’s ass and gorgeous pecker. Omar gets the first loud, wet ass-pounding of the scene but far from the last. Once Martin has taken a turn in Omar’s hole he gets a good, deep fucking from Pedro. Pedro then lies down and Martin takes a seat on his huge prick. What I didn’t expect but about lost my nut to immediately was Omar coming up from behind for a hot, double penetration. Yep, Martin takes two fat cocks up his sloppy ass at the same time. These three guys go at it for longer than most DP’s last and shoot a ton of cum all over each other before climbing back into shower together. I’d love some time with Martin’s gaping hole after that stretching.

Scene Four:
It’s another fantasy come to life as Tommy walks in on Carlos Sanchez getting a massage from Alfonso Rosas. After some work on his back Carlos flips over and his impressive bone shows Alfonso just how much he’s enjoying the rubdown. Alfonso gives him a great blowjob accompanied by plenty of dirty talk. Before long Carlos has his face in Alfonso’s crack getting it ready for the fuck he’s about to throw it. Carlos is the kind of loud top that can make you cum just listening to him. He’s fucking Alfonso and slapping that ass like there’s no tomorrow while Tommy beats the shit out of his own cock. Carlos rapes Alfonso’s hole on every piece of furniture in the room before both guys finish themselves off on the massage table. Too bad they clean it up when they are done because I’d have loved to enjoy that mess if I’d been the Alfonso’s next client.

Scene Five:
How Tommy has lasted this long is the question. He next happens upon Gregorio Guerrero and Manuel Lozano relaxing in a video lounge. Gregorio is like Adonis come to life. His thick muscles and hard body are only enhanced by his beautiful face and huge dick. Manuel seems to agree. He has his greedy mouth all over that body and beautiful meat before taking Gregorio’s fuckstick up his ass. These guys really seem to enjoy each other and it makes it all the hotter to watch. Manuel wraps his hole around Gregorio’s cock in position after position before the hot studs jack off on the coffee table. I feel there needs to be some talk about wasted cum. I’d much rather be there to recycle that protein than see it go to waste.

Scene Six: Tommy Lima solo
Tommy Lima has finally decided it’s time to get off. He leans back in the sauna and starts rubbing his pecker for us to watch. That vibrator finally finds its way up his ass as he looks straight into our eyes and teases us with those full lips. One of the hottest things about Alexander’s solo scenes is that the studs stroking look right into the camera and let us see just how much they like being watched. Tommy shoots a nice load on that flat stomach of his to close this hot visit to the baths.
   Alexander has a knack for finding hot guys who very obviously love what they do in front of the camera. This film is more proof that Latin heat isn’t just make-believe. These guys burn up scene after scene. Remember the lube, guys, don’t want your own prick getting sore from all that beating. This movie won’t let you keep your hand out of your pants.


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