Raging Stallion Benjamin Godfre Paddy O'Brian Shawn Wolfe OH MY GODFRE

Studio: Raging Stallion / Falcon Studios
Directed by: Benjamin Godfre, Chris Ward, Tony Dimarco
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Benjamin Godfre
Paddy O’Brian
Shawn Wolfe

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Oh My Godfre is all you’ll be able to say for days after you feast your eyes on the sexiest solo jerk off movie of all time. You’ve probably seen his face a jillion times, or, maybe you missed the face because you were distracted by the lean, ripped body. Fashion model Benjamin Godfre has been working the camera since the late ‘90s, specializing in swimwear, underwear and clothing to show off his slim and sexy body. Now his career adds a triple-X dimension, completing his special collaboration with Falcon and Raging Stallion Studios. Oh My Godfre is not only Benjamin’s directing debut, it is his first time jerking off for a major gay porn studio, and his first time getting naked with another man. For openers, Naked Skateboarding has him skating nude through the Castro District of San Francisco, ending up in an alley with no exit. Nowhere else to go and naked, Benjamin teaches his board a few tricks. On to Sonoma, where he recruits Raging Stallion exclusive Paddy O’Brian for an outdoor solo that sets Mother Nature thundering. Paddy directed by Benjamin will make your timber stand tall. During the Erotic Photo Shoot with Raging Stallion principal photographer Kent Taylor, the session veers to XXX when Benjamin sprouts a serious boner and has to get release. The best is saved for last when sizzling Shawn Wolfe is easily persuaded into replacing a model who canceled for Benjamin’s shoot. Wolfe’s blond, furry bod and rapt abandon to his cock compel, Dirty Director, Benjamin to shed his own clothes, and join in for a dual j/o that ends in a facial that will have you unloading your balls all over. Oh My Godfre is guaranteed to have you jerking right along with Benjamin and all the stunning men he has assembled for his debut. You’ll be screaming Oh My Godfre with every load!

Raging Stallion Benjamin Godfre Paddy O
Benjamin Godfre rides his beloved skateboard in San Francisco’s famed Castro district, shedding his clothing as he goes. His famed physique is slender but muscled. His nipples are hard, his chest sports fine hair. By the time he gets to Castro Street itself, Benjamin is wearing only his shoes. His skateboard streaking raises few eyebrows. Darting into an alcove, Benjamin is stopped by a brick wall. He sets the board aside and, facing the wall, shakes his booty and begins a slow bump-and-grind intended to show it all off and get you going. His tight buns, just right for two handfuls, tilt provocatively. He caresses himself with one arm while the other is busy in front of him. Peering back over his shoulder, he turns, his hard on rotating into view. His thumb and index finger encircle his arching cock as he strokes and squeezes, forehanded and backhanded. The free hand continues to traverse the taut muscles of his torso, occasionally reaching down to squeeze his balls. When he lies down and spreads his legs, his dark crack lined with hair. Now stroking with a traditional grip, Benjamin teases his hole and quickens the pace. A long vein pops out along his bicep as he lets loose a gasp and a burst of jism.

Raging Stallion OH MY GODFRE
On a wide veranda overlooking the vineyards of Sonoma, Benjamin Godfre is giving Paddy O’Brian a pep talk about jacking off, modeling sexy ways to move his hands and body. Paddy is stark naked, his fingers circling the head of his huge cock. Benjamin gets Paddy settled in a comfy chair, calls “Action!,” and backs away, leaving Paddy to carry on. Paddy’s cock absolutely dominates the view, rising like a monolith from a dense mat of dark hair. It’s fat as his wrist. His balls are the size of his fist. Paddy’s chest is oiled and his junk is lubed, and if you listen carefully, distant thunder echoes the storm brewing in Paddy’s roiling nuts. Paddy squeezes his hard, tan pecs and flexes biceps the size of bowling balls. He laces his fingers behind his head, closes his eyes, and rhythmically fucks the air, his abs coalescing into a perfect eight-pack. He massages his taint and hole, resumes stroking himself, adding verbal taunts about the pain and joy his beer can cock can deliver. That cock looks even bigger, and his chest broader, when Paddy stands and the camera catches him from below. It takes only a few more air jabs and tummy slaps for Paddy’s juices to stream out onto the deck.

Raging Stallion OH MY GODFRE
Benjamin Godfre’s session begins with a documentary-style photo shoot. Benjamin and top Raging Stallion photographer Kent Taylor banter about ass hair and abs while Benjamin poses in skimpy swim trunks. Then the trunks come off and the wood comes out. Benjamin flicks his dick around and jostles his balls — sometimes sultry, sometimes sexy, sometimes silly — always Benjamin. His dick is hard, and the poses suggested by Kent emphasize the erotic features of Benjamin’s ass, thighs and torso. Finally the photographer steps aside so the action can commence. Benjamin’s balls are hanging low and swaying to and fro as he works his cock with his fist, darting sidelong glances directly at you. He’s even sexier when he reclines on the padded deck lounge, stretching and spreading his legs, putting the entire package on display and into motion. His face breaks out in a sweat and his balls swell into separated orbs with sharp cleavage between them as the cum begins to flow onto his hairy tummy. Benjamin plays with his spooge then rubs it in like sunscreen.

Raging Stallion OH MY GODFRE
Benjamin Godfre experiences one of the tribulations of his newfound directing career: a model no show. One of the stage hands, Shawn Wolfe, catches Benjamin’s eye and Benjamin solicits Shawn to replace the MIA model. It’s an offer Shawn can’t refuse. Stripped, Shawn gives you sexy farm boy — toned and tan with dirty-blond hair from head to toe. His cock is ready for action long before Benjamin finishes explaining what he wants, but when Shawn gets the go-ahead, it grows two more inches. Shawn pumps his hips, fucking one fist, then the other. Benjamin makes a few suggestions, showing his own hard on as a testament to how sexy Shawn’s workin’ it. With the pretext of showing “how you should do it,” Benjamin drops his jeans, suggests they lube each other’s cocks and suddenly it’s a two men jerking. Like horny, curious teens, these handsome studs are driven by cock need. Sweat pours down and short breaths are hard and heavy as they inspire each to be hotter than the other. Shawn dares Benjamin to cum on his face and Benjamin slides closer, hooking an arm around Shawn’s neck like a wrestler and aiming his ejaculation directly into Shawn’s mouth, which leads Shawn to serially squirt loads and loads.


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