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Studio: Raging Stallion / Monster Bang
Directed by: Michael Brandon
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Antonio Biaggi
Justin Christopher
Enrique Currero
Bo Matthews
Tristan Phoenix
Roman Ragazzi
Dak Ramsey
Damian Rios

SCENE 1: Justin Christopher fucks Damien Rios
SCENE 2: Tristan Phoenix services and gets endlessly fucked by Antonio Biaggi
SCENE 3: Enrique Currero fucks the cum out of Roman Ragazzi
SCENE 4: Justin Christopher feeds and fucks Bo Mathews
SCENE 5: Dak Ramsey fucks Roman Ragazzi

In a second round of nonstop fucking Michael Brandon brings us Big, Bigger, Biggest Part 2. Big dicked Antonio Biaggi with his monster rod heads up the cast of Roman Ragazzi, Justin Christopher, Bo Mathews, Tristan Phoenix, Dak Ramsey, Damian Rios, and Enrique Currero. Each man brings his huge cock and a fuck everything in sight attitude, blowing loads and fucking each other.

Damien Rios stands across from Justin Christopher with lust in his eyes. Damian is a big muscular Latin man with tattoos stretching across his torso and covering his back in angel wings. Justin is known for his huge cock and his desire to fuck anyone. Damian is eager to taste it and crawls over to get Justin’s massive dick in his mouth. Damian takes his time and really worships the massive thing. Justin sits back and lets Damian work. Justin takes a turn sucking Damian off before sticking his tongue into Damian’s ass. When Justin penetrates Damian he fills him with all 10 inches of his huge cock and Damian loves it. These two fuck in multiple positions starting with a nice fuck from behind. Justin lays back and Damian rides his dick, every inch going in and out of his asshole. With Justin still inside Damian blows a load covering Justin’s chest. With Damian stroking next to him Justin shoots a load all over the floor.

Tristan Phoenix is already on his knees with Antonio Biaggi’s massive cock in his throat. Tristan works his way up and down the shaft trying to wet the whole thing. Tristan is a professional cocksucker but even he struggles with the huge dick that Antonio feeds him. With his throat full Tristan rubs his asshole, warming it up for the shock that is coming. After eating Tristan’s asshole the real action begins. Tristan bends over and takes it, literally. Antonio is built to fuck ass and this scene shows you every inch of his talent. After a good round standing Antonio lays back and lets Tristan ride him lick a horse. Tristan has to go up and down almost a foot just to ride Antonio’s cock properly. When’s Tristan’s legs start to go he climbs into a sling for one more round of hardcore ass fucking. With Antonio pumping away Tristan explodes cum onto his chest followed by Antonio adding to the huge pool of cum.

Enrique Currero and Roman Ragazzi are already getting down when the third scene begins. Enrique is filling his mouth with Roman’s fat cock, milking the head and then going back to swallowing the whole thing. When Roman takes his turn sucking dick he works Enrique’s foreskin and preps his dick for some fucking. With Roman bent over a bench Enrique has full access to Roman’s butt hole. Enrique spears Roman’s hairy ass with his big cock and fucks him eagerly. Roman strokes while Enrique pounds away. When Roman flips over for more dick we finally get to see his massive pecs and hairy chest with the sweat dripping from his chin to his dick. Enrique fucks him hard and deep until he can’t hold back, Roman blows a load with Enrique still fucking him and Enrique follows with a huge load of his own.

Justin Christopher and his massive cock return in the fourth scene with Bo Mathews as the lucky man who gets to suck the major dick. Bo loves big dick as much as any of us and he works Justin’s cock down his throat as far as he can take it. Justin’s cock fills the screen from corner to corner as Bo works his magic. As Bo’s eyes water the men switch places and Justin fills his mouth with dick. When these two studs finish sucking dick the fucking begins with Bo riding on top of Justin’s huge dick working his legs and his asshole. After a major round of Justin pumping Bo’s ass, Bo lays back in the sling for another ride. Justin fills him up; using the sling like a swing Bo pulls off and then backs onto the massive cock that waits for him. Justin fucks away causing Bo to cum. Justin pulls out and releases a massive cumshot covering Bo’s balls.

Dak Ramsey is a muscular man with a big dick. He sits back while Roman Ragazzi services him. Dak’s abs crunch up as Roman swallows. Both these men are hairy and muscular and they join together in a fuck scene to be remembered. Roman loves dick and Dak stands up to feed it to him, forcing it down his throat. Roman’s hairy butt opens up for Dak’s big rod. This pair gets a bit aggressive, Dak throws Roman around from side to side each time pushing his cock deep into Roman. Dak’s energy grows as Roman moans, both men grinding into each other for as much dick and ass as they can get. Roman’s massive muscular chest is just a plaything to Dak who pushes him around and uses his hole as if he owned it. As Roman’s ass gets worn down he shoots a load that spills onto his leg followed by Dak who shoots all over Roman’s massive hairy leg.


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