Hot House Club Inferno BIG ON THE INSIDE Nick Piston Peter Mitchum Billy Cochran Jacob Slader Tim Rusty

Studio: Hot House Entertainment / Club Inferno
Directed by: David Lamm
Year of Production / Release: 2005
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Billy Cochran
Peter Mitchum
Nick Piston
Tim Rusty
Jacob Slader

Got 9 long, fat inches of meat? A handsome, hairy face? Big juicy tattooed pecs busting out of a tight wife-beater? That’s great, but these Club Inferno hunks are also Big On The Inside. Hot on the heels of the runaway smash Twisted, Big On The Inside stars brand new Hot House Exclusive Peter Mitchum who just so happens to have a big, round, juicy, plump porcelain ass and the deepest, happening hole. Hot House Exclusive Nick Piston stars again as our resident thug-dick who puts all holes to the test. Directed by David Lamm, Big On The Inside clocks in at nearly two straight hours of professional hole-stretching that’ll have you hopping along at home on your favorite dildo! Make it BIG – ON THE INSIDE!

Hot House Entertainment Club Inferno BIG ON THE INSIDE
SCENE 1: Nick Piston dildo fucks Billy Cochran

Hot House Exclusive Nick Piston has Club Inferno favorite Billy Cochran right where he wants him – with his tasty round ass prone and ready for some hot tongue action. Once free from the stockade, Cochran swaps deep-throat blowjobs with Piston. Nick takes control, throws Cochran on his back, shoves his fat cock deep inside Cochran’s throbbing hole and grabs a nearby candle to drip hot wax all over Cochran’s chest, nipples and muscled abdomen. Piston probes and primes Cochran’s hole for a fat 10lb dildo, followed by a fat fire-plug dildo and eventually his gloved, lubed fists. Eventually both men shoot loads of cum, followed by a hot golden shower from Piston all over Cochran’s sweaty, cum-splattered body.

Hot House Entertainment Club Inferno BIG ON THE INSIDE
SCENE 2: Jacob Slader & Peter Mitchum fuck and fist Tim Rusty

New Hot House Exclusive Peter Mitchum and Tim Rusty share a huge double-headed dildo, then mount individual ones side-by-side. Horse hung, tattooed sex hound Jacob Slader watches and strokes his massive meat as the men take the dildoes to the base. Slader takes charge and orders Rusty and Mitchum to assume various positions of submission that involve being face-fucked by Slader’s huge tool. Next he pummels Mitchum’s fat ass with his cock, then flips Rusty over for some serious fisting action. Mitchum assumes the position and both Slader and Rusty take turns working over his amazing bubble-butt and tight hole. Finally all three men blow their pent-up hot loads.

Hot House Entertainment Club Inferno BIG ON THE INSIDE
SCENE 3: Nick Piston dildo and fist-fucks Peter Mitchum; Peter Mitchum dildo-fucks Nick Piston

Peter Mitchum rides a fat dildo for Nick Piston, who jacks his thick tool in appreciation. Piston steps over and feeds Mitchum his fat rod, then flips him over and eats his round ass. Fingers in Mitchum’s ass lead to Piston’s cock which drives them both near the edge. In a versatile flip-flop, Mitchum has Piston on his back and is working his tight ass with a fat dildo. Piston doesn’t take it for long, and turns the tables on Mitchum by shoving his fist deep into his hole. Piston’s deep, hard thrusts drive Mitchum to a frenzied orgasm, with Piston soon to follow.


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