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Studio: Pacific Sun
Directed by: Christian Wood
Year of Production / Release: 2000
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Jay Alexander
Jake Armstrong
Scott Beckham [Rob Bowen]
Billy Herrington
Gavin Marze
Jack Reilly
Luke Savage
Rob Steele

Sun, sand and throbbing manmeat. It’s all here in this in-depth look at Californication. The twist is that you, as the viewer, are actually meeting the guys and watching them do naughty things to each other. The boys look at and talk to the camera as if you were actually there. It’s a neat shtick, but some might find it annoying, especially when it happens during the actual sex.
   The first scene takes us into the bedroom of two horny surf monkeys. They get high, munch some peanuts and then get down to the fun stuff. After some lengthy suckee-suckee, they get to slamming. It’s moderately exciting, but I couldn’t get the thought of “peanut breath” out of my head.
   Next, a ruffian with a nearly shaved head joins a doe-eyed gent in pursuit of forbidden pleasures. First, roughie spit-shines pretty boy’s rosebud. Then baldy slams angel face in the crapper in a variety of positions. The scene’s grand finale is a far-reaching money shot.
   In the next scene, another couple treats us to a rare sight – an erotic banana eating! After that’s out of the way, the larger, bulkier of the two does a two-second suck on his smaller partner before snaking his colon with his rooter. There’s not nearly enough foreplay here – it would have been nice if they’d built up to the anal a bit before diving right in.
   In the final scene, human steroid Herrington does the horizontal tango with a well-built hottie. Herrington scares me. He’s so big, you’re afraid he’s going to pop. And his thighs are so overdeveloped that when he bends over, it looks like he has a second butt below the original. Nonetheless, he’s a sopping wet dream for muscle freaks. His fuck buddy is also developed, but not to such an extreme. After some gratuitous muscle worship, Herrington slips his pal the chunk.    Unfortunately, the entire scene has a somewhat antiseptic feel to it.   
   Recommended for body worshippers, voyeurs and those who enjoy snacks right before sex.
-T.J. Maxxwell

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