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Studio: All Worlds
Directed by: Doug Jeffries
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Eddie Diaz
Damien Holt
Cameron Marshall
Antonio Milan
Aron Ridge
Cole Ryder
Aden Taylor
Jason Tiya
Josh Vaughn

SCENE 1: Aron Ridge tops Josh Vaughn
SCENE 2: Eddie Diaz and Damien Holt top Antonio Milan
SCENE 3: Aden Taylor tops Cole Ryder with Tiger in Spit-Roast
SCENE 4: Cameron Marshall and Jason Tiya flip-fuck

Award-winning director Doug Jeffries (“Lights & Darks”) brings viewers a controversial story of modern day racism.  
   Hunky landowner Cole Ryder drives his shiny new SUV threw a dirty backstreet alley where he comes upon a hungry looking Eddie Diaz. He pulls over and offers the out-of-work stud a meal and a ride. He agrees and the two drive off to Cole’s work ranch.
   Once at the ranch Cole notices his sexy young son Cameron Marshall intimately speaking to one of his black workers (Jason Tiya). Alarmed by how friendly they look together Cole violently scolds his son for fraternizing with the help and reminds him of the class distinction between them and their workers. Upset by his father’s racist words, Cameron runs out into the fields and thinks about how unfair it all seems. In the meantime, Cole asks his foreman, Aron Ridge, to watch over the house while he’s out doing errands. But before he leaves he threatens the muscular black hunk to keep his mouth shut about what they’ve been doing after hours or he’ll have no other choice but to have him sent back to prison. 
   Later that afternoon pretty boy Josh Vaughn arrives at the ranch to deliver a package. He unwittingly confuses Aron as the owner of the ranch. The two flirt and Aron invites him in for more than just a tour of the stately home. Josh falls to his knees and hungrily devours every inch of Aron’s huge black piece of meat. Aron bends Josh over and savagely eats his tight pink hole. He then flips the blond twink over and gives him head. The action heats up when Josh takes a ride on Aron’s throbbing cock. This hot inter-racial scene comes to a climactic end after Aron pounds Josh’s tender young white ass savagely and they toss one off together.
   On the other side of the ranch, Cole comes home to find three of his workers (Eddie Diaz, Antonio Milan & Damian Holt) goofing off. He loudly reprimands them and tells them to get back to work or else.  After hatching a plan to enlighten Cameron as to what his dad has really been up to with the other workers these three sweaty studs start taking turns sucking each other’s cocks. Ready for some hot fucking action, Damian bends Antonio over and rams his huge black pipe up his tight hole. Antonio takes every inch of Damian’s huge rod while he deep-throats Eddie’s juicy cock.  The fuck-fest escalates as Eddie gets his turn to hump Antonio’s hungry hole.  He unmercifully pounds Antonio’s ass until Antonio shoots a warm load all over himself.  Eddie and Damian then both shoot a hot stream of cum on Antonio’s chest.  
   As they are getting dressed, Cameron innocently stumbles upon the three cum-drenched workers and asks them if they happen to know where his dad is. They gleefully inform him that he’ll probably find him up by the mines, where he’s been seen going into with some of the other workers the past couple of days.
   Deep within the mines, Cole is busy enjoying a sweat-inducing three-way with two of his sexy black laborers — Tiger and Aden Taylor. As they suck and lick each other into a sexual frenzy Cameron walks into the mine and catches sight of what his dad is up to. The temperature in the mine rises as Aden drills Cole’s white hairy man hole. This explosive scene climaxes with Aden and Tiger spewing their loads all over Cole’s hairy chest as he loudly shoots a hot stream of man juicy onto the mine floor.   Once the men are sent back to work by Cole, Cameron angrily confronts his father about his being a hypocrite, mistreating the workers on the ranch and forbidding him from seeing his true love Jason. The newly-empowered Cameron defiantly informs his father that he will no longer follow his orders and that he plans on having Jason live with him in the house his grandfather left to him. Cole, shocked by this surprising turn of events, is left stunned and bewildered by his son’s strong words.
   Cameron searching for his true love Jason stumbles across him sleeping under a tree. He tenderly explains to Jason what has just occurred between him and his dad and assures him that they can now be together without worry. The two kiss and Jason begins to service Cameron’s hard tool. Cameron returns the favor and feverishly sucks on Jason’s throbbing cock. He then climbs up a tree and allows Jason to tongue fuck his tight hole. Cameron then takes Jason from behind and fucks him intensely.  The sizzling hot inter-racial sex scene comes to an explosive end as Cameron enthusiastically rides Jason’s huge black cock. The two exhausted lovers cum in unison and fall asleep in each other’s arms.


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