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Black Scorpion MAN ISLAND D.O. Rafael Alencar Marko Hansome Marko Hansom Tim Kruger Mario Perez Marcos David Romario Souza Rocko Magnus Marco Paris Black Scorpion MAN ISLAND

Studio: Black Scorpion
Directed by: Rafael Alencar
Year of Production / Release: 2007
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Rafael Alencar
Mario Perez (Marcos David)
Marko Hansome (Marko Hansom)
Tim Kruger
Rocko (Rocko Magnus)
Marco Paris
Romario (Romario Souza)

SCENE 1: D.O. tops Mario Perez (Marcos David)
SCENE 2: Tim Kruger tops Rocko (Rocko Magnus)
SCENE 3: Romario (Romario Souza) tops Marko Hansome (Marko Hansom)
SCENE 4: Rafael Alencar tops Marco Paris
SCENE 5: Beach Shack Orgy Scene: Tim Kruger, Marco Paris, Romario (Romario Souza), Rocko (Rocko Magnus), Rafael Alencar, Marko Hansome (Marko Hansom)
   • Marco Paris and Romario (Romario Souza) top Rocko (Rocko Magnus)
   • Rafael Alencar tops Marko Hansome (Marko Hansom)
   • Rocko (Rocko Magnus) rides Rafael Alencar and Romario (Romario Souza)

For release: Late 2007

Man Island, a hypnotic-erotic shipwreck fantasy that creates a sexual dynamism unlike anything seen in recent gay porn history.
Filmed on a secluded island in the Mexican Gulf for Man Island’s weeklong shoot. By doing so, the cast and crew was able to take advantage of the island’s multiple stunning settings, day and night. Each scene was an experiment in high-caliber filmmaking, as director Rafael Alencar and videographer Mr. Pam teamed up to create a gay porn fantasy that’s sexy, sultry, and completely distinctive from what’s currently on the market.
   Man Island is available in late November with a deluxe two-disc package. The first features five sex scenes, along with the climactic signature Black Scorpion orgy – always a must-see. The second includes exclusive “Behind the Scenes” footage, including a tour of the secret island and a deleted scene that must be seen to believed.

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