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Black Scorpion OBSESSION OF D.O. Black Scorpion OBSESSION OF D.O.

Studio: Black Scorpion
Directed by: Rafael Alencar
Year of Production / Release: 2007
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Rafael Alencar
Rod Barry
Chris Barton
Sergio Del Castillo
Hanlon Kressler
Rocko (Rocko Magnus)
Scott Tanner
Josh Weston
Mason Wyler

SCENE 1: Rafael Alencar (top) Mason Wyler (bottom); (Dream Flashes: D.O., Chris Barton)
SCENE 2: Hanlon Kressler (top), Enrique (bottom)
SCENE 3: Sergio Del Castillo, Scott Tanner (top), Rocko Magnus (bottom)
SCENE 4: D.O. (top), Josh Weston (bottom)
SCENE 5 – Orgy: D.O. (top), Rafael Alencar (top), Enrique (bottom), Hanlon Kressler (bottom/DP), Rocko Magnus (bottom), Rod Barry (top), Scott Tanner (top), Sergio Del Castillo (bottom)

D.O. is wandering around in the dark streets of New York when he spots Rafael Alencar, the man of his dreams. He follows Rafael into a mysterious house – is it a dream or reality? He wanders thru smokey and shadowy dark rooms till he walks into a bright white room. There he sees Mason Wyler lying on a white daybed sucking on Rafael’s gigantic cock. Mason swallows the entire tool to its base without even a flinch. Rafael pumps his massive manhood into Mason’s mouth over and over again, then flips him over and shoves it up his his hungry tight ass, causing Mason to screams with pain/pleasure.
Rafael proceeds to fuck Mason in every position imaginable and then some: backwards, forwards and upside down, plunging his gigantic dick relentlessly into Mason’s willing ass. The scene ends with Rafael shooting a double load of cum all over Mason, from head to toe.
In the following scene we find Enrique and Hanlon Kessler getting it off in a bakery kitchen. Hanlon is riding Enrigue’s willing ass like a jackhammer and finally cums all over his chest.
D.O. is walking into a bar where Rafael is dancing the pole but disappears to be replaced by Sergio del Castillo. Rocko is a patron watching the pole dancing and becomes mesmerized by Sergio’s hard body. Suddenly Scott Tanner joins from the shadows, and after sucking and rimming starts fucking Rocko from behind while Rocko is sucking Sergio. Rocko cannot get enough dick up his ass or mouth, and both Sergio and Scott end up fucking him in tandem.
D.O. walks into a room where Josh Weston is straddling a red Vespa. D.O. starts rimming Josh’s hungry hole and after a lot of fingering, licking and sucking D.O. proceeds to fuck Josh like a jackhammer, and he can’t get enough of D.O.’s stone hard dick up his ass, squealing like a pig in heat. Finally D.O. explodes all over Josh’s swollen asshole with his cum dripping down his asscheeks.
D.O. is waking up from a dream – or is it reality? He walks into a room with eight guys on a daybed. This is an orgy where everything goes: double penetration, tandem fuck, double rimming. The testosterone-filled air is oozing man sex, coming to an ecstatic climax where everybody cums all over each other. This orgy scene has to be seen to be believed. The wild man attraction between the eight guys has no limits. After everybody cums D.O. finds himself in an empty room with an empty daybed was this real or just a wet dream?”


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  1. ffrancisco

    amo a dionisio ese maco me encanta, no puedo creerque se haya hecho actor porno, encima tiene un pene espectacular!! quiero esa pelicula ya!! DIONISIO te amo!