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Black Scorpion SEX HIKER Black Scorpion SEX HIKER

Studio: Black Scorpion
Directed by:
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Braxton Bond
Rocko [Rocko Magnus]
Pistol Pete
Zack Pierce [Zackary Pierce]
Zack Randall
Dallas Reeves
Orlando Toro

Available, end of September 2008

“Black Scorpion Video presents D.O. as the super horny Sex Hiker – traveling wherever “sex” takes him. No plan… no goal… just a lot of sex!
   D.O.’s journey begins when he hitches a ride on a dusty desert road with two hot boyfriends – Orlando and Braxton – that ends up in a desert motel. Once everyone is asleep Orlando and Braxton slip into the bathroom to have sex in the shower. D.O. wakes up when he hears a noise coming from the bathroom. Peeping through the bathroom’s door crack, he jerks himself off while watching them fuck and finally cums all over. At the end of one of the hottest solo scenes ever, D.O. proceeds to lick his own cum off his hands.
   Later, when everybody is sleeping, he crawls into bed with Orlando and Braxton and ends up a part of a very hot double penetration fuck. Slipping out under the dark night he hitches another ride to a “party house” where he discovers Pistol Pete and Dallas Reeves fucking in the master bedroom, Rocko being penetrated by Carlos on the kitchen counter, and Zack and Zackary going at it in front of the fire place. It all ends in an orgy where anything goes and everybody fucks everybody – Black Scorpion style.”

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